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I'm Sia Alexis, a twenty something year old from Southern Mississippi. I'm currently living off the sunny coast of Florida and I couldn't dream of a better place to be! 

I have a huge passion for working out and eating well, and those endorphins have gotten me through a lot of hard times. Oh, there have been some hard times.

However, I haven't always been so healthy. At a young age, I suffered from disordered eating which left me yo-yo dieting for years until I reached 150lbs-my heaviest weight for my petite 5 foot 3 inch frame. I binged on junk foods and didn't think twice about my health... until my clothes stopped fitting. 

I discovered clean eating and taught myself new recipes and ways to get fit.. and then I lost 45lbs. You can read more on my weightloss transformation here. 

I got so obsessed with becoming healthy that I took it a little too far and lost a little too much. (yes, being healthy can become an obsession if you aren't careful). You can read more on my history of body dysmorphia here.

At last, I finally found the perfect harmony with my body when I began lifting weights and gaining muscle. I traded my thigh gap for 6 pack abs. 

Giving birth to my son, Greyson, made me love and appreciate my post-pregnancy body even more and to take care of my body for what all it has done for me. So this is me today.

I’m married to the kindest, most gentle man I know. His name is Grady and he is an Air Force Diet Therapist. Grady met me at the lowest point in my life and he breathed a new hope into me. He became my best friend. Six months later, we married. And then six months after that, we found out we were expecting our little bundle of joy! You can read more on our marriage here.

We just welcomed our own little boy, Greyson James, on 2/4/14 and are navigating life as first time parents. It’s a crazy ride and we are loving every minute of it! You can read his birth story here.

If you would like me to review a product, sponsor a post, interested in online coaching, or have any inquiries whatsoever, please email me at:

If you would like to get to know me a bit better, here are a few random facts about me. Some of the things I get asked on a daily basis are included as well:

  • I am part Korean and part Caucasian.
  • I didn't develop a liking for spicy foods until I became pregnant with my son.
  • I bought my dream car this year-a 2010 Nissan GTR.
  • I once was a nurse, but started blogging as a hobby. The blog slowly turned itself into a real business and now I make more doing what I love than nursing!
  • I am a loud gum-smacker!
  • I hate make-up.
  • I still have insecurities about my body-even to this day. But I take it one day at a time.
  • I am an avid list maker.
  • I own more dresses than anything.
  • After my son was born, I hacked off all of my hair due to postpartum hair loss. I loved it so much and got so much response from it, I kept it short! But now I am growing it out.
  • I am indecisive because I think too much.
  • I drink two cups of coffee per day.
  • My role model is and has always been Jamie Eason.
  • No, they're not real. But thanks for asking ;)
  • The 3 happiest moments in my life: 1)Marrying my husband, 2)Finding out we were pregnant, and 3)Meeting our son for the first time!

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