Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Determine Your Baby's Sex or Gender During Pregnancy EARLY

There's an old wives' tale that you can tell the sex of your baby during pregnancy based on the heart beats per minute! 

They say that if you are having a girl, the BPM (beats per minute) will be 140 or greater.

They say that if you are having a boy, the BPM will be 140 or less.
Now keep in mind that all fetuses BPM are on average 175 till 9 weeks gestation-then the sex organs are created and the BPM averages 120-180 during the rest of your pregnancy. After 9 weeks, would be the best time to try this method.

Another way of telling your baby's gender during pregnancy, is not a wives tell but called the Ramzi Method.

This is the original research done by Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail. In this study, more than 5,000 fetuses were scanned for placental location. 

Want to know the results of the study?

It showed that at 6 weeks gestation, 97.2% of male fetuses had their placenta on the RIGHT side of the uterus.

For female fetuses, the placenta was located on the LEFT side of the uterus.

You should be able to tell with your first ultrasound where your baby sits. 
As you can see with mine, the placenta is slightly in the middle/left so its hard for me to tell mine unfortunately! We will be back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks and will be able to see more!

If all else fails, here is a Chinese gender chart that was totally accurate for us!

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