Saturday, March 7, 2015

Proof That Some Women Do Have Abs During Pregnancy

It has been a media shitstorm since recent images of Costa Rican model Sarah Stage have gone viral.

Why? Take a look at the image below.

"Awe, that is so cute! She is pregnant! How far along?" you may ask or wonder.

8 1/2 months pregnant.
"What?!" Yup.
Since then, there has been nothing, but negative remarks towards this woman. Body shaming, is what it is.

Here are some taken from Facebook below:
"This woman is so insanely fit that she puts her unborn child at risk. No way that's healthy."
"I'm totally not trying to hate but it doesn't seem healthy. The baby has to be super small for being 8 1/2 months along. You do you, I guess."
"Hopefully the baby is healthy and getting enough nutrients and has enough room to grow properly."
"So now we should have a fucking six pack while we are growing a baby inside. Get the fuck out of my face with this shit."
"That is pretty much what I looked like when I was pregnant, plus or minus 100 pounds."
"No...really. Where IS the baby?"


It honestly makes me saddened to see these type of comments. It just comes to show you that the world is still stuck on that ideal "pregnant body" and what it should look like-a big, round bump. Yeah, that is what usually happens-a bump. But, these days, women are told to "feed that baby"," "eat seconds,"  and basically relax the whole 40 weeks.


I, for one, did not listen to that. With my pregnancy, I was in the gym before and stayed in the gym till the day I went into labor, which just so happened to be my due date. I lifted and even did CrossFit. Yup, even I still got hateful comments such as the ones you read above saying that I was "hurting my baby" or going to have a "miscarriage." How fucking hateful is it to say that to someone? You do NOT know a person's situation or health.

Here I am pictured at almost 7 months. Now, I wasn't as "fit" as this model Sarah Stage, but then again, I AM NOT A MODEL. And that's okay.

At the end of my pregnancy, I eventually POPPED and had a big ole' belly for my petite size, which I loved. Some people just don't get big-just like, some people get really, really big. We all result differently. That's perfectly fine.
Staying fit during my pregnancy was the best thing that I ever did. I gained 30lbs total and lost all of my baby weight pretty quickly. I gave birth to a beautiful and (gasp!) healthy 8lb 7oz baby boy and I even recovered quicklier than I ever imagined.


Sure, this is NOT common and not many people really aim to stay fit during pregnancy. Health issues during pregnancy, just like anything else, aren't normal either. It is understood that some women do get terrible morning sickness or have medical problems during their problems that put them to bedrest-this article is in no way against you so please don't try to turn it around that way.

This is to those who are being so hateful by using their own excuses to criticize this woman for how she looks during her pregnancy. You know, the ones who are quick to point their fingers and turn their noses up at this beautiful model for the way she just so happens to look in her final trimester. This is no different than body shaming a stick thin person or even an obese person. Body shaming is body shaming.

Everybody is different and guess what? That means every pregnancy is different, too. So, who are we to judge?

How do you know exactly, that this woman's unborn child is suffering? Are you her doctor? Can you visually see inside her womb and watch that baby move? Didn't think so..

Until you know her personal life, routine, and, while you're at it, snagged a copy of her OB/GYN recods, get off your high horse and have a seat.

Prengnacy is beautiful-no matter what your belly looks like. Stretch marks, skinny, big, abs, whatever. End of story.

Want to see what I did for my prenatal workouts and training? Click the image below:


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