Monday, March 16, 2015

Two New Baby Carriers You Should Certainly Add to Your List!

For my babywearing mommies out there, I have discovered a new brand that I adore.

Over the past year, I have gotten the opportunity to try out multiple wraps and carriers, and I am so happy to finally give Wrapsody a chance!

The first wrap that I was introduced to is called the WrapDuO, a sporty wrap that you can wear in and out of the water. Yes, you heard right-finally a wrap that you can wear to the pool or the beach that allows you to enjoy the water while bonding with baby!

This wrap is super supportive and stretchy to fit around your baby in the best, snug way possible. Also, the fabric is very unique in the fact that it dries super fast.

My son is used to baby carriers versus wraps, so he kept trying to tear out of the wraps, but it still held him up pretty well! I was super impressed by this.

The Wrapsody WrapDuO features:
  • Hypoallergenic stretchy fabric feels great on the skin and is perfect for carrying your child both in and out of the water!
  • Tapered ends and narrow body make this carrier lightweight and cool.
  • Fabric blocks 97.5% – 98% of the sun’s rays (UPF 45), reducing the need for sunscreen.
  • Just-right stretch makes it easy to wash between you and baby or pop baby in and out without adjusting the carrier.
  • Portable and packable — folds down into a quart-sized sandwich baggie.
  • Soft finished edge is comfortable for your child’s legs.
  • Hi-tech sport knit wicks moisture and sweat away from the skin.
  • Water use to 35 pounds; land use to 25 pounds.
  • Silky, slinky fabric even looks great for evening wear!

The next wrap that I had the pleasure of trying was the Exclusive Wrapsody Hybrid in Asha featured ONLY at

First off, I love the dandelion print of this wrap. I also love the color grey. So this was instantly a match for me! But this print is only exclusive to one shop, so this makes it even more special!

This wrap reminded me of the Moby, but without the thick and heavy fabric that is barely breathable-one reason why I despise the Moby wrap. 

However, this Hybrid wrap was absolutely refreshing and easy to use-even in the warmer temperatures that are arisng here in Florida. I carry it with me wherever we go!

The Wrapsody Hybrid Asha wrap:
  • supports children up to 35 pounds on the front, hip, or back.
  • is made from cotton that is strong, silky-soft, and lightweight. Will not pill or fade with washing.
  • features tapered tails so the wrap is not bulky when worn.
  • comes in a range of patterns and styles for every family.
  • includes a full length DVD and a quick-start brochure.
  • is fairly traded.
To get your very own wrap, visit Wrapsody's main site by clicking here. You can also check out Carry Me Away's main site for more slings here.

To keep up with deals, specials, and new products, be sure to add Wraosody on their social media pages listed below!

Disclaimer: I was given two wraps to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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