Thursday, August 27, 2015

4 Ways to Stay Accountable for Weightloss

One of the most common questions that I get is how to stay motivated and, once motivated, how to stay ACCOUNTABLE. 

You think finding motivation is hard, but, boy OH BOY-holding yourself responsible is the other part to the equation of keeping on the right track.
I managed to do it when I had the whole world against me:

  • I was working as a nurse with little time to eat, much less eat healthy. 
  • I was married to an unhealthy man who did not have ANY interest in getting healthier. 
  • My family never taught me principles of healthy eating or working out so I had NO clue where to start!
But I DID IT! And I wanna share with you what helped me!

Here are 4 ways that I held myself accountable for losing 45lbs!

1. Create a blog or keep a journal. When I began my weightloss journey back in 2010, I created a blog called "1 Fit Chick." I used this blog to document my meals, workouts, and as a motivational tool to keep going-even on days when I felt like tucking into a greasy Whopper or skipping a workout. Eventually, within 9 months, I dropped 45 lbs and stayed accountable. By blogging, I also made lots of friends and got to follow people on similar journeys such as mine! It was also fun posting monthly photos and updates of my weightloss progress because there were people who were waiting to see them! Not a typer? Use a journal and write what you eat and your workouts in it everyday! Measure yourself and write down those measurements, too. Then compare monthly!
2. Make a motivation board or collage. Creating a motivational board or collage is a great tool to keep you accountable because when you have something to physically LOOK AT, it really adds fuel to your day. I remember not only creating a board, but I also had my favorite fitness role model saved as the background of my laptop. That person is none other than the amazing Jamie Eason! If you choose to make a board, put up your favorite motivational fitness sayings. Don't know of any? Take a browse through Pinterest and find some! Also include photos of your favorite fitness models and what you aspire to look like. Take a moment each morning as you sip your coffee (or tea) and meditate your way to your goals!
3. Find a partner or support group. A partner can hold you accountable more than you know. When I was losing my weight, I honestly had nobody. My husband (now ex-husband) at the time was unhealthy as possible and kept the fridge stocked with sodas and chips. Luckily, today, there are a TON of FREE weightloss challenge groups on Facebook than there were back in 2010 that you can use to really hold you reponsible on your road to fitness. I wish more of these free groups were around a few years ago! I love thinking of my blog being a motivational tool to help you guys stay accountable to reaching your dreams-or at least I HOPE it helps :)
4. Reward yourself for every 5 or 10 pounds lost. This is very important-you have GOT to make fitness FUN! For every ten pounds I dropped, I did something fun. The one time, I got my nose pierced. Another time, my belly button pierced (because my belly actually started looking FLAT!), and then the next couple times I bought a new pair of Silver jeans and clothing from Buckle in my NEW size! It is essential to spoil yourself! However, if this is not your thing, you could look into doing a workout tip jar. Each time you complete a workout, you add money to the jar. At the end of your weightloss, go get something nice!
No matter how you choose to stay accountable, make sure you do the very best that you can in order to not lose sight of your main goal: living a happier and healthier life.

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