Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog!

No.. this is not a fitness related post (sorry, fitness peeps!). I often get asked about blogging and so, to cater to my blogging peeps, I like to post every so often on the topic.

Today, I will discuss with you the most effective ways of gaining traffic to your site. I always get asked, "How do you get so many followers or visits?" 

Like I tell all of my clients who blog, creating the blog is the easy step, but to create a daily stream of readers who actually want to come back to your blog for more is a whole 'nother story!

These days, I get almost 1.5 million views a month, on average. Not bad for blog in its 3rd year, huh? But it really took some trial/error on my part and a LOT of hard work.
Here are my steps to gaining more followers to your site:

1. Blog and blog OFTEN. Unfortunately, some bloggers are too busy selling programs, guides, and plans that they forget to POST! In my first two years of blogging, I was posting a new blog post DAILY. Sometimes, I would even post a few per day. Posting reminds your followers that you have very vaulable infortmation to share with them. Posting also tells your readers that you have more to bring to the table than just trying to sell them a plan. Give the people what they want! Watch your stats on each blog post and listen. This is your non-verbal feedback. I have almost 2,000 blog posts from the time I started my blog back in March/April of 2013. You do the math.
2. Give things away for FREE. Who doesn't LOVE free? Seriously. Whatever your blog or site has to offer, do a giveaway or create a free program/guide to hand out. People will flock to you pretty quickly if you are known to give good tips or product-for free. Now, don't give EVERYTHING away for free because this will ultimately hurt you, but create a good balance between suiting your needs as a blogger/business owner and making your followers very happy. Here is a sample of my newest giveaway.
3. Use social media DAILY. Try to post to all social medias several times per day. If this seems like a huge task for you, then download programs or apps that can schedule your posts ahead of time. Facebook business pages already allow you to schedule future posts-for free-and that has made my life sooo much better! You have got to be active and it may feel like you are stuck to your phone (the bad side of blogging), but you have to let the people know you are there. Pinterest has personally been a favorite social media of mine! People repin your pins and it pretty much does the work for you. You can see from the image below the different forms of social media that brings traffic to my blog.

4. Talk to your people DAILY. Yes-if people ask you a question or post a comment, ANSWER or REPLY. In the very least, try to acknowledge it by hitting the "like" button. This lets them know and understand that they are of value to you and you are happy that they are there! Answer emails the best you can and create live Q&As where people get to jump in such as Periscope or Webinars.
5. Be INTERESTING. This sounds like a lame tip, but it is SO true! I also see it in myself when I choose to follow someone else. I like to follow people who post interesting, cool things. Have something neat to share or offer. Share your personal life-people love learning about you and knowing what you are really like. Like I said before, give the people what they want. Sometimes, as a blogger, they just want more of YOU! Also, BE REAL and RELATABLE.
I hope these tips really helps you guys on your journey to blogging or business. Remember to never give up-gaining traffic simply takes TIME.

If you are interested in creating a blog and making a profit off of it, I have a small ebooklet that you can get that will tell you not only HOW to start a successful blog, but also how to get traffic and make a little money on the side. It has helped to jumpstart many blogs already and I am always so happy to help!

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