Monday, July 28, 2014

6 Tips That Helped Grow My Hair Longer & Healthier

I have always had long hair (though I just recently had the itch to hack it all off once I gave birth to my son and, so far, I am loving it). I loved growing my hair out time and time again, but it always took so long-and I tend to be a little bit impatient at times.

I have crazy course and curly hair that is absolutely hard to manage so I tend to use a flat iron much of the time. I know-BIG no-no there. My hair lacked shine and was just so dull. So I went and researched the best and faster ways to grow your hair faster while also making it a lot healthier. And it worked!
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Here are my 6 tried & true tips that helped me to grow my hair out in hardly any time:
  1. Eat more biotin.  Biotin is a B (B7 to be exact) vitamin that is sometimes even referred to as Vitamin H. It is found in common foods such as leafy green vegetables, peanuts, Swiss chard, raw egg yolks and liver, but most wellness stores now provide Biotin in a supplement form. If you look on most Hair, Skin, & Nail vitamins, this is the main ingredient! It works by stimulating the root and hair follicles that are already growing. I have been taking Biotin capsules for years and have really noticed a HUGE difference.
  2. And Omega 3's. Taking fish oil capsules (or eating enough seafood) is great for hair because it makes it shinier and stronger. The natural oils that lubricate the scalp, hair and skin tend to lessen as we age. The omega-3s in fish oil capsules will help alleviate this dryness that leads to brittle hair and wrinkles. Therefore, it is also great for dandruff issues!
  3. Get regular trims. No, trimming your hair will not make it grow faster. BUT, they will help keep the ends from splitting and looking frayed. This gives the appearance of healthier & longer hair. When ends split and are severely damaged, they can cause breakage and that breakage travels up the hair shaft thus creating frizzy & messy hair. Trimming your hair may set you back an inch or two, but it will set you up for a nicer head of hair to come.
  4. Deep condition once per week. This is so important! Dry hair=frizzy hair=damaged hair. You can dehydrate that hair with an easy and simple homemade hair mask. I do it about once weekly. Sometimes, I will even do a home hot oil treatment using olive oil or coconut oil!
  5. Do a scalp massage! Scalp massages should be done once a night for at least 5 minutes. You can do them to yourself or you can have a friend or partner do them for you so you can relax & enjoy. Regular scalp massages stimulate blood flow to the roots of your hair, making them grow longer.
  6. LEAVE THE HAIR DRYER AND FLAT IRON ALONE. Or at least use sparingly.  I now flat iron my hair twice a year-if that-and only for special occasions!

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