Saturday, July 19, 2014

Diary of a Fit Mommy's Guide to Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where our bodies change so rapidly and sometimes we are left feeling a little confused about how to dress! But pregnancy is no excuse to throw your style out of the window; instead, embrace those curves and enjoy feeling and looking your best while carrying your baby.
During the first trimester, most women typically do not have to alter their style or wardrobe any in way because the baby is still way too small. If this is your first pregnancy, you most likely will not start showing until your second trimester-for some, even the third! Here are a few simple ways to dress throughout all 3 trimesters!

But first, here are a few of my favorite Maternity MUST haves!

During the course of my pregnancy, I had some amazing opportunities to partner with a few of my FAVORITE maternity brands. Here are a few of my go-to maternity looks-and must have brands:

First Trimester Style
You will find yourself still fitting into those skinny jeans and pre-pregnancy clothing, but don’t jump at maternity wear just yet! Instead, keep wearing what you own and alter as you go along. You should not notice too many changes during this stage-besides queasiness and a growing bustline!
Few tips to remember for the 1st trimester:
*Keep wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes as you were until you notice things getting a little too tight.
*Start looking into a future wardrobe and cute maternity styles to get an idea, just in case!
*Invest in some comfortable shoes, pants, and bras. Since your breasts are probably bigger than they were before (thanks hormones!), its not too early to find a more comfortable bra to start sleeping in or wearing throughout the day. Don’t reach for a maternity/nursing bra just yet though. During this stage, I wore my sports bra wherever I went!
Second Trimester Style
This is where things start changing! You will find yourself with a small “pouch” which may look like you ate a few too many tacos rather than carrying a little one (or that’s how I felt!). You want to flatter your ever growing tummy during this trimester. You can certainly still wear tight clothing-I urge you to enjoy your little bump and feeling sexy and stylish during pregnancy! While some women may need to start buying maternity pants at this time, you may be one of the few lucky ones who still fits into their jeans! If they are still comfortable, then by all means, ROCK it!
Few tips to remember when dressing for the 2nd trimester:
*Your pants might be digging into your waist-it’s time to break out something called a Belly Band which can be purchased online to help get you through this time. I also suggest a great pair of Victoria’s Secret Black Yoga Pants. These actually have a huge top band on them which supports your growing belly! I own 3!
*Flowy tops work wonders to hide the little akward pouch going on, but not too flowy or baggy. Always pair flowy tops with tight bottoms, or tight tops with loose bottoms; vice versa.
*Feel sexy and enjoy your growing body, because it only gets bigger from here!
*Invest in comfortable shoes. Choose flats over stilettos during this time. If you feel the need to still wear stilettos and are comfortable doing so, go right ahead! I did!
Third Trimester Style
At the beginning of the third trimester is where you will find yourself Googling maternity pants and bras. Your belly is protruding at this point and you need not only to feel comfortable, but to look flattering as well. They say flowy tops are best as far as comfort goes, but I personally prefer tighter tops to show off my bump. You will figure out which style suits you the best, and what you are most comfortable with since every woman’s growing figure is different!
Few tips to remember when dressing for the 3rd trimester:
*Maxi skirts and Maxi dresses have become a staple of mine since hitting the 3rd trimester! They are so comfortable to move around in and you do not have to wear pants!
*Wear black. Yes, it is true! Black is virtually slimming and very nice looking on pregnant women.
*Accessories! By wearing statement necklaces, belts above the bump, or even some jeweled headbands, it will take the attention off your bump, which you may feel is gigantic at this point!
*Avoid clothes that are too big aka BAGGY! This will make you appear larger than life.
Bottom line: Enjoy dressing and rocking your bump, don’t try to hide it, but remember to stay comfortable as well!

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