Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let It Go

Happiness.  Doesn't everyone want a piece of that?

I mean, nobody really plans to wake up in a shitty mood or begin their days by saying, "You know what, I am just going to go out and be an asshole today!"

Well... okay, okay... maybe there are a few select out there who thrive on that style of life.
Bring the Goodness

Not I. 

I choose to be happy. 

Happiness is not always about feeling, it is also a choice that you have to consciously make at some point or another.

Let's face it: people can be assholes and can make their primary desire to ruin your day-to bring you down to their level, only to suck you into this big deep, dark hole of anger so that maybe they can feel just a tad bit more superior. 

My advice? 

Don't worry, be happy. 

Choose to be Happy Everyday! http://www.motivationiscalling.com http://facebook.com/motivationiscalling

Sure, it is a bit cliche and makes you think of that really old Bobby McFerrin song. But, it works.

The less you worry about what others do, the happier you become.
The less you worry about how others feel, the happier you become.
The less you worry about what others say, the happier you become.

So, let that shit go.

I got Let it Go! Which Disney Quote Should be Your Life Motto? | Oh My Disney

Stop taking things so personally. You will be amazed at the amount of freedom that comes when you let it go. They only wish they had that sorta freedom within themselves. 

So.. Let 'em be assholes and be better to them than they are to you. At the end of the night, guess who'll be sleeping better?

the peOple whO talk the mOst shit abOut yOu, alsO pays you the most attention......i'm still figuring this one out.

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