Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Good & The Bad of Sushi

I absolutely love sushi. It just may be one of my favorite foods.

Sushi is one of those foods that most people are quick to dub as "healthy." However, some sushi rolls are far from the case and could be just as bad as eating some widely known junk foods.

So, let's get to the bottom of it all and find out which rolls are good, bad, and just plain ugly for your diet.

The Good. There are plenty of good sushi rolls out there to choose from, but here are 5 main favorites:

  1. California Roll: 225 calories.
  2. Cucumber Roll: 136 calories.
  3. Salmon & Avocado Roll: 304 calories.
  4. Avocado Roll: 140 calories
  5. Spicy Tuna Roll: 290 calories.
The Bad. There are also plenty of bad sushi rolls out there as well, but here are 5 of the main popular ones:

  1. Shrimp Tempura Roll: 508 calories.
  2. Volcano Roll: 430 calories.
  3. Philadelphia Roll: 400 calories.
  4. Rainbow Roll: 476 calories
  5. Eel & Avocado Roll: 400 calories.
Here are 6 tips to enjoying your sushi night without breaking your weightloss goals:

  1. SKIP the tempura. Tempura is basically deep fried batter and we all know that fried = a ton of unneeded calories.
  2. Hold the mayo. Most "spicy" rolls are made with a combo of mayonaise and Sriracha sauce. If you want the spice without the calories, just ask for the Sriracha sauce and no mayo!
  3. Eat in moderation. If you are like me, then you can probably take out 3-4 sushi rolls in one sitting. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea. Remember to eat in moderation and stick to two rolls. To help this, try ordering some edamame before your rolls come or even a soup or salad.
  4. Enjoy the basic things and stay away from fancy. You don't need all of the extra stuff: cream cheese, tempura, mayo, and crunchy because you will be paying for it in the end; not to mention, these rolls can be a bit costly compared to the others. Simple is key, here.
  5. Choose brown rice. If your sushi joint has it, go for it. Don't be afraid to ask! Speaking of rice, ask your waiter to go easy on the rice. You can bust your carb limit in one sitting without realizing it!
  6. Choose Sashimi. Raw pieces of fish are the way to go to a healthier plate-if your tummy allows! Not all people can handle to taste and feeling of eating something raw. Each piece usually runs about 25 calories or so and is protein packed!

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