Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Favorite New Teething Necklace

Hi ladies,

Is your baby going through that dreadful teething stage when he or she just always wants to chew on everythinggg?

Look no further-I have a smart and stylish solution.

I was sent a teething necklace and bracelet from Finch Designs for me and my little boy. This sweet little Etsy shop sells teething necklaces, rings, and bracelets, infinity scarves, door silencers, top knot beanies, bibdanas, knotted headbands, and more!

This teething necklace that I am wearing is absolutely adorable and goes with just about any outfit. It was easy to put on and to take off. It also came with the adorable bracelet that's pictured as well!

The jersey rope was absolutely adorable. If blue isn't your color, then rest assured that there are plenty other colors that Lisa, the owner, can use to make yours.

All Finch Designs necklaces offer: 

*natural, non-toxic finish wooden beads
*high quality jersey knit fabric (US made whenever possible)
*double knotted for safety
*no glues, metals, or plastics of any nature
*handmade in Minnesota by the fabulous Lisa Finch, herself.
*easy to wear fabrics and stylish look

Much needless to say, it attracted the attention of my son, whom is still teething. He immediately went for it and enjoyed the chew! I liked the wooden beads so much. 

There are so many teething necklaces out there such as Chewbeads, which are made from silicone, but this necklace was hands down my favorite. It isn't so OBVIOUS that it was made for chewing-you know?

My son wouldn't let go of it-I think that was a good sign :)

To get your own teething necklace or to check out the rest of the handmade items to suit your baby's needs, visit Finch's Etsy shop.

Also, please be sure to like them on Facebook for future deals, sales, and for the newest products!

Disclaimer: I was given a teething necklace to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own. 

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