Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Overweight Woman Began Taking Selfies.. What Happened Next Was Amazing.

Selfies. Everyone does it. Whether you are at the gym or lounging around your house, people tend to be.. well.. selfish. 

But what if taking selfies helped you to lose weight and to get fit?
One woman lost over 100 pounds from taking selfies. 

Eva Rut Gunnlaugsdottirm a 35 year old mother of two, hit her all time high weight following the birth of her two children and she finally decided to beat the battle of the buldge.

She was so ashamed of her weight gain that she started eating healthier-and snapping photos to document her journey along the way and since she was constantly embarrassed by her selfies, she used that shame as motivation.

She said: 'I posted the first one almost as a joke. I felt really bad about myself and looked bad and I felt if I could start to see the change it might help me to carry on.

'But in fact I was also so embarrassed about the images that it was something that made me determined to carry on.'

Her diet was once filled with fast foods, high calorie meals, and tons of junk foods that were simple convenient. She made a huge change and began eating homemade meals, lots of fruit, salads, soups, and lean meats. She also cut out wheat, sugar, and starch as well.

But once she was craving something that she knew she shouldn't be indulging in, she would look back to her previous selfies for encouragement and the motivation to continue forward with her goals.

After the first year of taking selfies, she lost almost 100lbs! She said that she felt more energetic for her kids and chose going outside to play with them and becoming more active with them over making her food a priority as it once was.

'It was like I didn't do anything unless I got to eat at the same time,' she admitted.
'For me, food was a drug. I never ate just one little chocolate piece, it was always something more.
'The first two or three days of the diet were a bit difficult, but since then I've been so stable, floating around on a pink cloud.

'I was more energetic and could easily get up in the morning. The mental recovery was so much that I thought I had already lost 60 kilos (9st) in February, even though it was still a long way to go.

'I felt better as all kinds of physical pain disappeared.'

She added that she is no longer anxious about going abroad, when she was always wondering if she would fit into the airplane seat or if she'd need a seatbelt extension.

'I still find it painful to look at the first few selfies from last year, but I always feel better looking at the end of the year.'

Article adapted from The Daily Mail.

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