Sunday, June 14, 2015

At-Home Summer Slimdown Pyramid Workout + Armitron Watch Giveaway!

Summer is usually a time of fun and relaxation. Classes are over (mostly), vacations are on the rise, and your agenda may even be packed with tons of BBQs or pool parties to attend. 

Though my husband and I work full time, we are utilizing our summer to become the best and healthiest versions of ourselves-regardless of all the good food we may be eating!

My husband and I have been using our Armitron watches from Kohl's to help time our customized workouts.

The watches can be found on Kohl's Active Watches page or in the watch section of your local Kohl's store.

We both came up with a pyramid style workout to help work and tone our total body. Our watches certainly came in handy because this style of workout consists of repeatedly counting seconds!

Workout Directions: 
  1. Set the timer on your Armitron watch and jog for 5 minutes as your warm-up. 
  2. Complete the pyramid workout below 3 times total, with 60 seconds of rest in between each set.
  3. Lastly, cool down wit a 5 minute walk.

The Summer Slim Down Pyramid
5 second pushup
10 second lunges
15 second wall squats
20 second jumping jacks
25 second high knees
30 second forearm plank

Now, here is YOUR chance to win TWO (2) Armitron watches-one for you and one for a friend! All you have to do is follow the intructions below on the Rafflecopter and follow Kohl's on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to qualify!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post by Kohl's. All opinions and thoughts expressed within this post are my very own.

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