Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Ultimate Timing Guide, When To Eat – When To Workout

We all know the recipe for healthy and lasting weight loss. A balanced diet + exercise =. Nobody can deny that to lose weight you have to watch what you eat and not skip a workout, but the end result and affects many other factors. In order to achieve maximum effect, be in your strategy to lose weight and maintain ideal weight and to include the factor “timing of meals and exercise.”  So let’s see When To Eat and When To Workout!


It should be within 1 hour after waking. Surely you’ve heard before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It stimulates metabolism and gives you the necessary energy to start the day with full force. Breakfast has been proven that people who eat breakfast consume fewer calories later in the day.

Exercising In the Morning

Why morning exercise? Because people are factious to adhere to regular physical activity when the morning practice. Once you start daily duties, appear more excuses and justifications for delaying the exercise. However, it is only a recommendation that will help you stay consistent. If you feel better when you exercise in the afternoon, you should heed your body. So morning cardio will be a great start!

Eat every 3-4 hours

It is important not to make big breaks between your meals, because that way you control your appetite, you will prevent variation in blood sugar and avoid overeating. Because you will not feel extreme hunger, so not often reach for unhealthy fast food. Bonus: better mood and more energy. Of course, each feeding should be your biggest meal. The optimum is to have three main meals and 2-3 snacks.

Main Meal

Your main meal should be at least 2 hours before your workout. That is the perfect timing.

Snack Right Before You Workout

Small snack will help you stay fill until the next meal, and also will saturate enough to not overdo when you come to a plate full of food. Why before workout? It will give you the energy you need for your workout. You should have fruit, protein bar or nuts.
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The Last Meal

It should you be not later than 3 hours before bedtime, ok, but most important of all, you should eat no more than 1 hour after your workout. That is because your muscles are seeking for proteins, so you can not leave them waiting too long.
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If you want to honor with a glass of alcohol, do it at the end of the day. It is considered that alcohol affects the hormones that are related to digestion and appetite control.

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