Thursday, June 11, 2015

Have You Gotten Your Abs After Baby or Fit Mommy Booty Bootcamp Yet?

The transformations are starting to flood my email :) I am soooo happy to share!

If you complete the program, please take pictures!! I want to feature you and your transformation!

Andrea D. sent me her before and afters of her tummy after completing the Abs After Baby program! Love it! Remember, please do NOT forget to take before/afters to be featured!

It IS possible to get abs after baby. I will show you how I did it!

The Program Includes:
✅The anatomy of your mommy abs.
✅10 best Yoga moves for abs.
✅Daily clean eating sample for abs plus a few recipes.
✅Soothing exercises for the C-Section mother.
✅All about Diastasis Recti and how to check yourself for it.
✅An easy H.I.I.T. workout for warm ups.
✅A workout program filled with ab-tastic exercises to target your whole abdominal muscle groups!

Get yours here: 

Just sent in via Sarah M. who completed two rounds of the Fit Mommy Booty Bootcamp! So awesome to see the results  Don't forget to send me YOUR before and afters to get featured! 

Get ready to build your best booty ever!

✅A breakdown of the anatomy of the glute muscles and what exercises are best for each muscle.
✅A sample day's diet for adding on muscle and burning fat for booty building.
✅How to measure your body and take before & after photos.
✅A full one week bodyweight workout that you will be following for 4 weeks total.
✅ Yoga poses that help stretch and build your glutes and legs.
✅Tons of tips and motivation.

Get yours here or link in bio

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