Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Moon Maternity Review

Hi, preggo pals! 
Today, I am reviewing New Moon Maternity- a maternity line with a punk rock attitude and lots of spunk! Jennifer St. John , the owner of New Moon, sent me a couple of pieces from the line to review. 

The first piece I chose to review was from the Rock Me Mama collection and was the Rolling Stones Basic Maternity Tee. This tee is pretty awesome in a few ways. First off all, who DOES NOT like the Rolling Stones? If you are one of the ones who answered "Not me" to that rhetorical question, then no worries, the Rock Me Mama collection also carries Pink Floyd, ACDC, Ramones, and Nirvana. And thats not all-this line also features rockin' cute shirts for your little girls so they can match mommy!

The second piece that I chose to review was the Faux Leather Underbelly Leggings. Unlike most faux leather, this is not made of the ridiculously uncomfortable pleather, but instead its made from Spandex! Meaning SUPER COMFY! I am typically not a fan of the leather look, but there was something special about these. I could pair it with any shirt from the Rock Me Mama collection. I could pair it with a sweater. I could pair it with a cute top. I could pair it with practically ANYTHING. Pregnant or not, you can wear this anytime.

To learn more about New Moon Maternity and to shop their collection, visit:

The owner is quite the sweetheart! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact her!

Disclaimer: I was given a New Moon Maternity tee & legging to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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