Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Birthing & Lamaze Classes Are a Must for First Time Parents!

Last night, my husband and I attended our first our of 4 Lamaze/Birthing Class sessions. This is our first baby so we are quite clueless when it comes to birthing and what to expect! I have to start off saying that, I HIGHLY recommend a birthing class for ANY new mommy to be.

 It was empowering. It was intimate. It calmed my fears regarding labor!

Last night's class was primarily introducing labor and its effects on the body, some labor and delivery terms, discoverign what pain is, and some ways to deal with pain during labor.

I am choosing to have a natural labor and delivery-no pain meds, no IV, no epidural so learning some of the techniques that the instructor taught us (breathing, meditation, massage, distraction) really came in handy. Having my husband, Grady, there with me to help me relax and learn these techniques was the most sweetest feeling I have ever felt. It was truly a bonding experience between us!

Tonight will be our second class out of the 4 sessions and I cant wait to share!

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