Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why I Chose Cloth Diapering

Let's get this straight.
Never in my life would I have thought that I would be the one to do cloth diapers! 
At first thought, it seems irrationally messy, difficult, and just plain time consuming. However, when a friend showed me the facts-cloth versus disposable-I shut up pretty quickly and started considering the decision. 

Let's start with the facts:


**Please note. I have not chosen Fuzzibunz and am not endorsing them in any way. This is just a figure table from their website which explains in detail the costs of cloth vs disposable that  I wanted to show you! I have actually decided to choose other brands of cloth diapers for my son.**

The costs between cloth diapering and disposables are astounding! That alone made my mind up since I tend to be on the frugal side now that I am expecting. 

Health Benefits

Sadly, a lot of mothers out there have no idea that disposables are FILLED with chemicals. They contain one poison called TBT which is a toxic pollutant that is known to cause hormonal issues in humans and animals. Disposables also contain a chemical called Dioxin which is carcinogenic and extremely toxic. Not to scare you, but disposables contain yet ANOTHER toxic chemical called sodium polyacrylate which turns into a gel substance when wet (such as after urination). It increases the risk of TSS-toxic shock syndrome. The same exact thing is found in tampons! There is a recent story of a mother who's son was wearing Huggies brand diapers and the diaper broke and the gel substance ran down his leg causing chemical burns which landed him in the hospital. This also helped make my choice a lot easier!

Babies who are cloth diapered have been shown to have a huge decreased chance of diaper rash which means no need for expensive creams. 

Environmental Benefits

Think of how many disposable diapers your baby will go through before he or she is potty trained. Imagine everyone's baby's diapers. Now imagine all of that sitting in a landfill amongst daily trash from every home in America? 


Cloth diapering obviously benefits the environment by cutting down on unnecessary wastes. 

Faster Potty Training

Studies have shown that babies who are cloth diapered have potty trained faster than children who wore disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are so absorbent that often times, the child cannot feel how wet he or she actually is. But with cloth diapering, the feeling and sensation is totally different. They feel that they are wet or dirty-they don't like it-therefore they are more likely to use their training potty. in 1957-back in the day where disposables did not exist-children were potty trained by age 11 months and were dry for most of the day by age 2. Amazing statistics!

These are just a few of the basic reasons why I have chosen cloth diapering my son. Besides, they are soooo cute!! 

I know that cloth diapering is not as easy as a disposable diaper, however, based on the benefits, it is definitely worth it! I will be sharing my journey along the way, as it is my very first time cloth diapering. 

To read more on how to cloth diaper, click:

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