Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guest Post from Caitlin Hudson

Hi all, I'm Caitlin Hudson, a full-time SAHM, nature lover, and health nut! I also have a strong passion for writing, and luckily for me, Sia has been wonderful enough to let me share my writing on her amazing blog. So today, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite healthy ways to help maximize your workouts efficiency! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

Healthy Habits to Make Your Workouts Count 

It happens to me, and it can happen to you. I’m in the middle of a workout, and suddenly it feels like something just isn’t right. There are a variety of causes, but a few stand out. I may have gone into the workout without a plan. Perhaps I’m pushing myself too hard, or I’m not pushing hard enough. Maybe it’s some other problem with my overall health. My body works best in a workout when all parts of me are in sync. So it makes sense to be in charge of myself, to have the most efficient and effective workout possible.

If I looked at my exercise intentions that never got off the ground, it almost always came down to a failure to plan. Years ago, when I wanted to take up running as an adult, I thought I’d just go out and run for a while. Big mistake. I ran too far and ended up injuring my knee, which left me unable to workout for some time. When I finally got into gear as far as exercising was concerned, I had workout plans. Each time, I had a plan to do a certain number of minutes of each type of exercise. If I was out somewhere and didn’t have sensible access to an interval timer, I counted my exercises by repetitions. If you are just getting started on a workout plan, thisarticle should help you figure out your starting point. Keep in mind though, everyone’s body reacts differently so you have to do what works best for you.

When I exercise, I always have a basic benchmark, as well as a goal I’d like to achieve. The basic benchmark gets me out the door when I’m not feeling 100 percent, or when the weather is bad and I don’t want to be outside for too long. That way, I know I can just do the minimum. I will get a good workout, not lose out on motivation or momentum, and be able to smash it out the next day. This is how I stay realistic. If I always feel like I have a big goal that I may not be able to achieve, I think that some days I might not go out at all, out of fear of failure.

The goal, then, is to get me to challenge myself. Usually, once I get myself out the door with the promise that I can stop at the benchmark, I will continue to the goal. I like to use my straplessheart rate monitor to track my progress. If I find that the goal has become super easy to attain pretty much anytime, the old goal becomes the benchmark. Then, I set a new goal that will keep me sweating and working hard.

Taking Care
It’s not all about workout plans and goals, though. I have to take care of myself holistically. This comes through diet and rest. I try to eat as naturally as I can, with whole foods that are full of nutrients. And I never, ever, skimp on sleep. Adults need eight hours a day. In order for me to stay active as a busy mom who wants to be in shape, I need my rest. Not just for beauty, but for my healthand sanity. The better rested I am, the better I can workout, take care of my family, and enjoy my life in general.

I love a good workout. It is organized and thorough. When I’m done, I feel as accomplished as I would be if I had cleaned the whole kitchen, or just made a fantastic meal. If I take the time to plan my workouts to reasonably challenge me, and take care of myself otherwise, I get a lot more out of all of my time.

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