Friday, November 1, 2013

My 3rd Trimester Plan

Monday officially marks my THIRD trimester. 


Pregnancy has been so great to me and I am so sad to see it fly by so fast!! Its been so fun.
I have gotten a number of emails on what my goals are fitness and diet wise for my last trimester.
For the most part, things will still stay the same.

 I will still continue to workout 5-6 days a week. I will still eat clean. But to be more specific, I will be adding a few "two-a-day" workouts to my routine. Meaning, on 2-3 days out of the 5-6 a week that I workout, I will be adding another type of workout to the mix. For example, my usual routine is to go to the gym and start off with 30 minutes cardio. Then I will do strength training for another 30 minutes, and thats it. Now, I will be taking a break to eat lunch after my first hour, then heading out to run a few miles at the track to keep my body conditioned. This will count as my two-a-days.

As far as diet goes, no cheating still! I will be cleaning up my diet a lot more actually.
No cheat meals, no sweets, and lowering my carb intake.
HOWEVER, on holidays this year *thanksgiving* and *christmas* this will not apply, as I love to make my famous dairy free pumpkin pie!

I am noticing myself getting away from coffee and drinking more herbal teas. I am also pushing lots of water. I have switched my snacks to primarily fresh fruits as well.

This is my plan for the next trimester, I actually started it a week ago, but I will keep you guys updated on how it goes! So far so great.

Happy Friday!!!!!

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