Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zazzle Custom T-Shirts & Gifts Review!

Today, I had the chance to review a company called Zazzle.

 Zazzle is known for their custom T-Shirts; especially since you can design them yourself! But beware-they have adorable designs and sayings to choose from already so you might end up browsing their site for long periods of time! They not only make custom shirts-they can pretty much customize anything and everything. 

I chose the adorable tee that I have seen floating around the internet called the Baby on the Way Maternity Tee which features a little baby peeking up over the womb!
 First of all, this tee is so funny and cute, I cannot stand it! Second of all-the QUALITY of the tee itself is outstanding. I am pretty sure at some point, we have all had a custom shirt made for some type event-whether it was for your soccer team, a family reunion, or your senior year-and the shirt was poorly made and rough like sandpaper. My husband and I were very impressed with how soft this fabric was! The design was not one that was cheaply sewn or, worse,  ironed on. It was actually part of the whole shirt!

I feel so cute in this shirt! 

I also had the chance to review their infant onesies

YES! They also offer onesies for your baby-to-be! And, boy, are they adorable. You can pick from their large selection such as I did, or you can make your own! You and your baby can even match.

I chose the Daddy's Little Airman onesie since my husband is a Staff Sgt. in the Air Force. My husband absolutely melted when he saw it! We cannot wait to put him in this once he gets here. The material is the absolute same as the shirt that I chose-soft and outstanding screen print quality. I know these products will last.z

Zazzle not only sells T-Shirts, but they also sell art & posters, cards & postage, vintage iPhone cases, wedding invitations, watches, schoolbags, and greeting/holiday cards. They also have some sweet deals for the holidays and for gifts; check out their holiday gift guide! I am personally digging the holiday gift cards since it is almost time for Christmas!

Right now they are offering up to 60% on their holiday goodies! Hurry, its only the last day. All you have to do is use the promo code HOLIDAYCOUNT at checkout!

If you are looking for a funny maternity tee, a tee for your hubby or baby, or just a tee to simply customize, then Zazzle is the place to go.

To learn more about Zazzle, visit:

Disclaimer: I was given a Zazzle tee & onesie to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.


  1. I started browsing their site immediately after I read this blog and I find it to be really cool to have so many amazing designs. It is so hard to choose because of the variety. I'll eventually find one soon. :)

  2. The blog was very informative the designs were cool for customized tshirts finally i will find one.


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