Friday, November 1, 2013

My NEW eBook!

With great excitement, I would like to announce the publishing of my 3rd eBook titled "Beat the Cellulite!"
I wrote this after receiving an influx of emails with questions regarding cellulite and the dreaded dimples.

In my new book, I hit on the basics of cellulite-what it is, who is susceptible, and why cellulite happens-as well as what you can do to improve and beat it for good! 

I also include a sample diet plan and workout plan specifically targeting cellulite, as well!

Before my 45lb weightloss, I had cellulite-and tons of it! I managed to get rid of every dimple and it has not come back. I hope that my tips will help you reach your goals and to love the body you have!


To get your copy, visit:

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