Wednesday, April 2, 2014

7 Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

Trying to stay healthy while traveling on the road can be a difficult chore! My husband and I make a 10 hour trip to his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee several times a year. I will admit, along the way, I tend to cave and give in to those awful convenience stores.  The sugary energy drinks, packaged chips, muffins, and candy bars seem to know just where to hit me in my weak spots. I used to fall into this same pitiful trap time and time again-until I decided to wise up and pre-pack and make my own snacks for the road! Nowadays, trips are a breeze and  I do not have to jeopardize my diet while on the road! Goodbye, temptation!

Here are 5 of my favorite go-to snacks to pack before a long road trip:

Nuts. My favorite nuts to pack are almonds and cashews. Nuts are a staple for road trips because these protein packed powerhouses will keep you satisfied and content in between meals. The healthy fats may even give you the energy that you need to stay awake during the drive. You can incorporate nuts and make your own trail mix by adding a few more ingredients!

Fresh Fruit. The best fruits to pack on a long drive are grapes, bananas, and apple slices. These fruits are not as messy as others, and can be eaten easily. Dried fruits are also a great option, but be careful choosing these as some contain high sugar contents. Always read the nutritional labels.

Water. Water is a no-brainer, though it is technically not a snack! Throughout every road trip you make, it is important to stay hydrated so that you are feeling well during the drive. The better you are feeling, the less stops you will make! Also, water can help keep you feeling full if you feel yourself getting hungry without any stops nearby.

Veggies. Packing a zip lock bag with baby carrots or celery sticks is always a great idea for healthy on the road snacking. If you don’t like eating your veggies plain, you may pack a snack sized hummus cup to go along with it!

Nutrition Bars. Nutrition bars such as the Luna, Larabar, or Cliff bars are great for the road and easy to tear open and to eat. These bars are also packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals which will help keep you feeling your best on your trip. These bars are also designed to keep you satiated in between meals. There are even some recipes out there that can help you to make your own nutrition bars.

String Cheese. String cheese is a great option when you are on the go! You can grab a stick and throw it in your purse without thinking. This type of cheese also tends to not be messy as you peel to eat it. Each stick of cheese contains less than 100 calories and helps you achieve your Calcium goals for the day. This is a great option for kids as well. Aim for organic though!

Popcorn. Another great alternative to the classic potato chip, popping your own popcorn and packing it in a zip lock bag is a much healthier choice! A single cup of air popped popcorn contains around 31 calories on average. Although popcorn is packed with whole grains and fiber, beware of prepackaged options. Instead, opt for the container with the kernels alone and pop them yourself at home.  Lightly mist with olive oil or sprinkle with chili powder for a zesty flavor!
What are some of your favorite travel snacks?

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