Saturday, April 5, 2014

Power Systems Medicine Ball & Resistance Band Review

Hi ladies!

For those of you who have recently reached out to me in regards to what equipment is best for building your own home gym, I have a few amazing things to show you! Today, I am reviewing Power Systems. This wonderful company has just about everything you need to get started: mats, foam rollers, medicine balls, resistance bands, training ropes, dumbbells, you name it!

I had the chance to review 3 pieces of equipment from the product line.

The first product that I had fun reviewing was the 16lb. Corball Plus Medicine Ball. This is basically a medicine ball-with handles on it for a better grip! A smart idea because a lot of medicine ball geared exercises can really use something like this. Before I tried this product, I was not aware that like this even existed!

The CorBall is ideal for abdominal exercises, rotational movements, and strength training. I have actually replaced my Kettlebell with this product on several exercises such as the Clean & Jerk. I honestly loved the CorBall more than any ole regular medicine ball and would recommend it to anyone wanting a versatile piece of equipment.

I had the chance to also review the 12lb Elite Power Medicine Ball. This medicine ball is very durable and guarantees to maintain its shape. Some medicine balls tend to lose the perfect roundness to them and then they become useless! But, not this one! The medicine ball is used for traditional medicine ball exercises of course and you may even bounce them on the floor. Some "medicine balls" can't even do that! The outside covering of the medicine ball is textured to enhance a perfect grip on the ball, though this one has no handles.

The last product that I had the chance to review was the 48" Versa Tube Resistance Band
This is an amazing tool to own for a variety of uses and the best of all-it is so affordable! You can use it to work your lower & upper body parts for a total body workout. The elasticity allows for full range of movement and as well controlling the intensities to your workout. You are in full control with this one!

Overall, I was super thrilled with making these high quality products a staple in my home gym. Not only did the products amaze me, but so did the friendly and courteous staff who are on call to help you find the perfect tools to reach your fitness goals.

Power Systems is now doing a $5,000 Ultimate Home Gym giveaway on their home page right now so go enter to win!!

To learn more about Power Systems and to view their product line for ideas for your own home gym, visit their:

Disclaimer: I was given these products to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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