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Smart Snugs Cloth Diaper Review

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Hi ladies!

Today, I am reviewing a cloth diaper brand called Smart Snugs Cloth Diapers, a family owned & operated company, who enjoys giving back to the community by donating diapers several times a year. Their mission is to offer an affordable and reliable solution to busy families who may not have otherwise considered cloth diapers

NatureSnug All-In-2 (Cover)

I had the chance to review the NatureSnug All in Two cloth diaper cover along with the 6 layer bamboo charcoal with gussets inserts. The diaper cover adjusts to fit your baby, which is an amazing feature and why I love one sized diapers! 

The diaper itself features:

-Double gussets prevent leaks and provide a great fit. They also keep your insert in place.

-Bamboo charcoal fleece helps reduce odor and provides antimicrobial benefits to your baby. Great for babies with sensitive skin!
-Bamboo cotton PUL cover is silky soft, breathable, waterproof, and extremely flexible.
-Super soft moisture-wicking bamboo charcoal fleece pockets in the front and back of the diaper keep insert in place and keep baby try around the stomach and back.
-Use with any of our FIVE insert options! Inserts are available in stay-dry and feel damp designs to fit your specific needs.
-Waterproof-backed inserts keep the cover dry and allow for multiple uses of the cover between changes.
-No stuffing, simply press your insert into the cover, put the diaper on your baby, and go!
-Our adjustable rise system allows this diaper to fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds.
-Overlapping and adjustable waist snaps allow a customized fit.
-Hip snaps ensure a secure fit around your baby's legs and prevent "wing droop".

The bamboo insert (featured above) was so absorbent and I never had a worry with leaks-ever. I mean, it is one of the only inserts that features SIX layers! That is incredible. 

The insert also features:

-Gussets provide an amazing fit while also concealing liquids.
-Extra large size provides unbeatable protection. You won't find another insert like this!
-Top layer of bamboo charcoal wicks moisture away from your baby, while an inside layer of bamboo cotton and 3 more layers of microfiber soak up liquids. 
-Bottom layer of waterproof PUL keeps liquid concealed and allows you to re-use your cover.
-Use in your Smart Snugs all-in-two diaper, or with any Smart Snugs pocket diaper. This insert can be used inside your pocket diaper, or on top of the fleece if you wish to reuse your cover and just switch out inserts!

Why so many layers?
Each layer has a very specific function!

Layer 1: 
Bamboo charcoal fleece: Allows liquid to pass through while wicking moisture away. Keeps your baby dry. Bamboo charcoal is also an amazing material that is naturally odor retardant AND antimicrobial! Great for babies with sensitive skin!

Layer 2: Bamboo cotton: An extremely absorbent material that also fights odors and bacteria. Designed to absorb liquids and keep them inside while trapping odors.

Layers 3, 4, and 5: 
Microfiber: Absorbs liquid quickly and keeps it inside.

Layer 6: Waterproof PUL: Keeps all the liquid inside the insert, to protect your diaper cover. Allows you to re-use your all-in-two diaper cover OR pocket diaper if this insert is placed on top of the fleece instead of in the pocket!
NatureSnug All-In-2 (Cover)

I had the chance to review this cloth diaper in the orange color which was super cute and vibrant. I loved the way that the outer cover felt. It was soft and did not irritate my baby's skin.

It fit my son very well! 
The inserts were so thick that I have yet to have leak happen. Hooray! I would highly recommend this diaper to anyone. You just cannot go wrong!

I also had the chance to review the Smart Snugs wetbag. This wetbag is waterproof and can hold up to not one, not two, but TEN dirty diapers! For the mamas who are concerned with using cloth diapers on the go, this is what the wetbag was made to do. There is no leaking or smell as it is antimicrobial. Very cool huh?

To learn more about SmartSnugs, visit their:

Disclaimer: I was given a cloth diaper to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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