Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BabyWeight Review + Giveaway

Baby Weight

Hi ladies!

Today, I am reviewing Baby Weight Fitness- a wonderful program for expecting and postpartum mamas, founded by Micky Marie Morrison. Micky is a licensed physical therapist and certified perinatal fitness educator. Micky is also a mother of two and knows just how hard it can be to stay in shape during pregnancy and to bounce back after. She developed her exercise program, CoreMama, to focus on those overstretched and weakened muscles and whip you back into shape by using a yoga & Pilates approach. This program can be started during pregnancy and continued through your postpartum period with your new baby!

micky morrison

The CoreMama exercise plan also focuses on:

  • the upper and mid-back extensors to diminish the hunchback effect
  • the abdominals and low back extensors to stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine and reduce the lumbar lordotic curve, thereby reducing low back pain and maintaining abdominal muscle tone
  • the adductors and pelvic floor to focus on opening the pelvis for birthing, avoiding urinary incontinence in late pregnancy, and speeding the internal recovery after birth.

I had the chance to review a trial of the streaming workout videos of online fitness classes provided by Micky, on her site, called BabyWeight.Tv. With over 100 videos available for download or streaming, you are sure to find something great for you and to get you pumped up to get back into shape! You can also head over and give the free trial a try! My personal favorite video was the Soothing Mama's Woes for Neck & Shoulder Pain. We ladies know that nursing takes a TOLL on our neck, shoulders, and back muscles over time-this video teaches you some awesome stretch techniques to help relieve those specific areas. Sign up for your videos today!

Micky Morrison has also written a book called Baby Weight. In this book, Micky offers a wellness strategy to staying in shape during pregnancy and how to get back into shape afterwards. She also highlights building yourself a nutritious diet as well as sharing a variety of exercises with you. The postnatal exercises in the CoreMama program helps you to use your baby as a weight-hence the name Baby Weight! That way, mama gets in a good workout while baby stays happy and satisfied.

For a chance to win your very own copy of Baby Weight, enter to win below!

To learn more about Baby Weight Fitness, visit their:

Main Site

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