Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Deadlift: A Must Do Exercise – Benefits & How To Do It Right

Same as the squat, the deadlift is also one very important exercise. Not only when it comes to the legs, but for the tights and the butt too. Well, you have to know the benefits of this amazing exercise, so that you could start falling in love with it. I’m going to explain you why the deadlift is a must do exercise, and how to do it right. So fit girls, read very carefully, because this is a body changing exercise. Let’s get started!


Deadlifts work amazingly good for toning your legs, your butt and your back, but mostly, deadlifts work for your hamstrings. Let’s see what are the main benefits of doing this exercise.
Works Many Muscle Groups
The deadlift will work you from finger to neck to toe and involves the use of a huge list of major muscle groups. A set of deadlifts will heavily activate the quads, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, lats, traps, abdominals and forearms/grip, with many other muscles playing a role as well.
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Perfect Legs, Popped Butt
As the squat, deadlift is also one really important exercise when it comes to your legs. You have to do this one, at the end of your legs training. Last, but not least, the deadlift will give you hell of a legs.
By extending your hamstrings, and engaging many muscle groups, this exercise will transform your legs and will pop up your butt. So, don’t you forget this amazing exercise, because that is the key to perfect body.
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Develops The Explosive Strength
Explosive strength refers to how quickly you can reach peak levels of force in a muscle. Improve your rate of force development, you’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, throw farther and perform at a higher level in any type of athletic endeavor.
Because the deadlift is a large compound movement that begins from a dead-stop position, it is extremely effective at improving overall explosiveness.
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Types Of Deadlifts

There are two types of deadlift. The first is with straight legs, and the second is with bend knees.
For your sexy butt, you would want to do the deadlift with bend knees, because it will tone the side muscles of your butt.
If it’s your leg day, you would ratter do the deadlift with straight legs, because it engages your hamstrings the most. You can do a mix too.
Nail The Perfect Weight
You should always start with just the bar – even if you’re planning on dead-lifting with 500 lbs afterwards. You should always warm up with a few reps with just the bar.
After you warm up, chose your perfect weighting. Remember, if you can do more than 13 dead lifts and don’t feel like dying, it’s too light for you. Don’t be afraid, you can not bulk up, even if you want to, you are not a male – you are a female and you don’t have those hormones. Half-ass workouts will do nothing – your leg muscles are accustomed to working all day, so only heavy weights will bring you results.

How To Do It Right

Stand in front of a barbell with your shins close to the bar.
Your feet, shoulder width apart or closer. I usually do it with my legs pulled together, and my feet opened like a clown, this way works for me the best .
Grab the bar with your hands outside your legs, a bit wider then shoulder width. Keeping your arms straight, bend your legs and flatten your back.
The Repeat Phrase
Go to full extension and pause for a second before beginning your next repetition, witch allows you to reset your position and breath.
You have to do a few sets otherwise the deadlifts won’t work. Do 3 to 4 sets with about 10-15 reps, with 30- 60 seconds break between the sets. Don’t force yourself though.

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