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Full Leg Workout Routine – Get Sexy Legs

leg workout
It’s leg day!!!
Legs are my favorite muscle group!
Because they are the biggest muscle group, I’m gonna give some extra attention to them.
We should engage all of the leg muscles when have leg day, and that means:
  • quads which are in the front,
  • hamstrings in the back,
  • calves
  • and butt.
Most of the girls are afraid of doing hard training for their legs, because they are afraid that they will build them up.
But that’s absolutely NOT TRUE!  
Girls, you can’t over do the legs, and here’s why:
The legs are used daily for basic activities like walking, standing, going upstairs or just getting up from a chair.
Half-ass, 15 min workouts will do nothing.
Your legs are accustomed to working all day, so only dedication to intense hard work in the gym will bring you to sexy and strong legs.
So I really want to break the false impressions that some fitness magazines give you, by making posts about 15 minutes legs workout routines, that are impossible, because you need way more than a 15 minutes of working out, especially when it comes to your legs.
Because of that, I’m gonna give you the best leg workouts for women.
The best thing is that, for some of them you don’t even need gym equipment, and you can do them with free weights too.
So, as your favorite personal trainer, it’s my pleasure to give you the best legs workout routine, that will give you the sexiest legs ever!
Let’s get started!

Exercise #1: SQUATS

best leg workouts for women
The first exercise when it comes to leg workout, and the most important of all, are the squats.
You should do squats with your head up, chest up, butt back, abs in, and you should drop it down to the floor!
I prefer squads with a barrel, because they are more effective, but of course you can do them with dumbbells or even with some home gym equipment, such as resistance bands or ankle weights.
Just remember to do squats with the weights on, because otherwise you won’t get the results you’ve wanted.
It has to be challenging, in order to be life changing, so don’t forget the weights!
By doing squats:
  • you burn more fat
  • you build stronger legs
  • you tone them
  • and you pop up your butt.
Who needs butt exercises when we have squads, right?!
3-4 sets with 10-15 reps!

Exercise #2: Leg Press

leg press
The second exercise you want to do is the leg press.
Because of the fact that your body is stationary inside of the machine simply pressing a sled will help you stay in the movement.The neuro-muscularstimulation is not as high as when doing squats, but it still makes a for a great leg exercise.
The bad thing is that you cannot do this exercise outside the gym, because you’re gonna need the leg press machine. That’s why it’s for the best to go to the gym when you workout your legs.
3-4 sets with 10-15 reps

Exercise #3: LUNGES

expand a lunge
Lunges are very important exercise. With this exercise, you are working mainly on your quadriceps, but also your butt, your calves and your hamstrings. You can expand a lunge using a barrel, or with dumbbells.
There are two main types of lunges: One with your legs separated, also known as open lunges and the other type of lunges is with your legs crossed.
When it comes to the legs, I prefer doing this exercise with your legs separated, and walking (not standing in one place). I think it works better that way.

Exercise #4: Leg Extensions

personal trainer
The 4th exercise you wanna do is the leg extension. The leg extension is a resistance weight training exercise that targets the quadriceps muscle in the legs.
Some of you might think that this is a bodybuilding leg workout, but it works great for women too. The thing is, you cannot do this one without exercise equipment. That’s because this one is done using a machine called the Leg Extension Machine.
You can try doing it with a big dumbbell between your toes, but I think it works best if you done it in the gym, on the machine.
And again, 3-4 sets with 10-15 reps, and a lot of weights!

Exercise #5: Leg Curls

leg workouts
The leg curl is an isolation exercise that targets the hamstring muscles. There are two types of leg curls, seated leg curls, and lying leg curls. With either one, you will get the same results, because they both work fantastic!
Leg curls usually go together with deadlifts. They actually make a great combination as a super-set exercise.
Super sets are a great way to move those muscle up. If you haven’t changed something in your everyday workout plan for a long time, supersets are the right thing to do.

Exercise #6: Dead Lift

exercise equipment

Deadlifts work your legs, your butt, and your back, but mostly, deadlifts work for your hamstrings. Leg curls and deadlifts, are two exercises that go perfectly together. They are made for each other, and they are made for you to get sexier legs. 
There are two types of deadlift:
  • The first is with straight legs,
  • and the second is with bend knees.
When you’re working on your legs, you should do the deadlift with straight knees, because it targets your hamstrings better.

Exercise #7: Calves

Many girls don’t want to work their calves, and that’s ok. This is an optional exercise.
But when it comes to full leg workout, I personally think that calves workout will give a marvelous finish to your legs. It’s like a cherry on top of the icing! I’m doing it, because it gives a nice finishing touch to my legs.
leg workout for women
For every exercise, you should do 4 sets with around 12-15 reps.
Between the sets, there shouldn’t be more than one minute break.
And if it’s too easy for you, don’t forget to put some weights.

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