Monday, May 4, 2015

Fit Girl’s Cooking Guide – Improve Your Cooking To Get Fit

What we eat is the most important thing when it comes to living fit and healthy. I hope you’ll agree with me, that sometimes the deal isn’t in what you eat, but HOW THE FOOD IS COOKED.
In fact, any food can be healthy, but people ruin it and turn it into junk by not cooking it good enough.
Here’s an example:
Potatoes are very healthy, they are a type of complex carbs, which is a good thing. And even though they act like simple carbs when they get inside our bodies, if they are cooked in a healthy they can still provide many benefits.
But if you buy french fries from McDonald’s, you’ll make one unhealthy choice and harm your body and your health.

So according to many studies, and according to many fit people, they way you cook is very important if you wanna stay fit.
So today, I’ll give you THE ULTIMATE FIT GIRL’S COOKING GUIDE, in order to improve your cooking and get fit.
Abs are made in the kitchen, so I’m gonna show you how to do it right! Fit girls, let’s get started already.

Bake Instead Of Fry

It is very important how you cook the food you’re eating.
Actually it all depends on that.
This means that you should bake or roast instead of frying.
The secret is actually not in the things you eat, but in how you cook them. So force yourself out of fried food, and start cooking healthier.
When you do that, you’re going to be able to change your life completely.
There are tons of healthy pizza recipes, or healthy lasagna recipes, even healthy burger recipes.
In fact, now we cannot say that pizza is unhealthy, when I had a pizza few days ago, and it was delicious and tasty, but still healthy and clean.
So, once and for all girls, don’t change the way you eat, change the way you cook!

Use Healthier Oils

When cooking, or when making certain meal, we have to use some oil in order for the meal to cook better and to taste better too. But this is not a reason to add as much oil as we want, and to use whatever oil that we want.
The sunflower seeds oils are something that you should avoid, even erase out of your cooking.
  • Olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • sesame oil
  • flax seed oil…
There are many healthier versions that are better for your health, so try using them in a cold stained version.

Make It Colorful

You should definitely try to make your meals filled with colors. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you should eat colorful food, which means food full of veggies, proteins and fibers. The more colors your meal has, the more healthy it is!
If your goal is losing weight though, you would want to avoid the carbs, and choose proteins, vegetables and fibers instead, and of course a lot of greens.
Carbs contain a lot of sugars, so they are not good to eat everyday and in extra big portions.

Chop A Lot Of Salads

You should include salads in your meals. They’ll help you be full for longer, and they are extremely healthy. You can have more than one salad a day, during or after your meal, and still keep yourself healthy and fit. Also, you can try making your meals in salad version.
I have tons of salad recipes here on my blog, and you can see that I do the same. For example, if you have chicken for dinner, make a Caesar salad out of it.
Just remember to make the dressing on your own, instead of buying one that is not healthy at all.

The Caveman Diet

Paleo diet or the primal diet is a great way to cook. You don’t have to live according to the paleo diet rules but you should definitely try to incorporate some of the facts from this kind of living.
It is all about the moto, if a cavemen couldn’t eat it you shouldn’t eat it too. And the caveman diet makes a perfect diet plan.
It will definitely make you use more raw foods and make more paleo meals out of raw food instead of buying it with all the additives that shouldn’t be there.
You’ll also learn more interesting and definitely more healthy ways on how to cook your meals. Make it on your own instead of buying it.

Use Whole-grain Flour In Baking Recipes

You should really try to avoid adding tons of bread and flour baked recipes to your diet. Avoiding loads of bread is better both for your health and your fitness conditions. But if you’re desiring to have one, feel free to have a slice or two, now and then, but make sure to use whole-grain flour.
Baking is tricky, so changing flours can change the structure and texture of what you’re making, but there are many recipes of whole-grain pizza dough for example, that are easy to make, and yummy too.
There are also tons of recipes all over the internet on how to make healthy bread. Do some research and you’ll find a lot off them.

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