Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to Prep for Your First Fitness Photoshoot!

I recently had some new fitness photos taken and I couldn't have been more happier with them. My best friend friend and photographer did an astounding job. If you remember, she shot my last photos of me in the yellow sports bra holding my then 9 month old son!
After seeing the photos of my older shoot, I realized I was NOT prepared for my shoot so I got to work! I personally do not recommend fat burners or any drugs such as diuretics, etc to get you "skinnier" before your shoot. Not only are these dangerous, but a lot of the times, they never WORK! There are no tricks or gimmicks to getting fit-it is all a little bit of elbow grease and eating clean, people.

Whether or not you are a fitness model, fitness photoshoots can be a great thing to do! You could be doing a shoot for your blog or website or to simply reward yourself for losing those last few stubborn pounds. Regardless of your reasoning, here are my top tips to prepare yourself for your big day!
  1. SMILE BIG. Yes, give the camera a huge cheesy grin. Why? It looks great on film! Think of something funny and give it your all-let it out and give a belly laugh! 
  2. SLEEP. Please get some sleep the night before. A few days before my shoot, my son and I were both sick with the stomach bug and didn't sleep an ounce. I would have felt much better during my shoot if I were have been able to sleep a good 7-8 hours the night prior. Sleeping will help you feel your best while keeping your face looking refreshed.
  3. Water. Make sure you are drinking at least a gallon of water per day for a few weeks before hand. You want to go into your photoshoot hydrated because any bit of dehydration will cause sodium retention within your body. This, in turn, makes you BLOAT! If you are worried about bloating from drinking the water before your shoot then schedule your shoot as earliest as possible in the day and go lightly on fluids the day prior.
  4. Increase Cardio. About 2-4 weeks prior to your shoot, you will want to increase your cardio to tighten up any loose ends (no pun intended!) and to give you a more ripped appearance. Make sure you are sweating since this does wonders for your facial appearance, making you look brighter due to the toxins being released through your pores. 
  5. Workout Prior to Shooting. No, not like a full on workout, but do a few reps of squats, dumbbell curls, crunches, and flutter kicks to help give your muscles that "pumped" look.
  6. Skip the Salt. At least one week before your big day, cut the sodium! Sodium causes water rentention which causes bloating. If you need flavor, add Mrs Dash seasoning! It is my favorite and does not contain salt.
  7. Minimize Carbs. No, not for forever! It's good to typically eat less carbs about 4-5 days out from your shoot. Why? Low-carb/high protein are known for being natural diuretics. Your body releases the water it has been holding on to, which decreases bloating.
  8. Spray Tan. You know how putting on black clothes makes you look more trim? Same thing goes for getting a tan! I recommend using a good self tanner spray about a week prior to slowly build up your desired tan.
  9. Use Preparation H. Preparation H, a topical ointment used to treat hemorrhoids, is a little-known weapon used by professional bodybuilders and models prior to a contest or photo shoot. Because this ointment treats hemorrhoids by extracting excess water from swollen blood vessels, Preparation H is extremely effective in removing subcutaneous water when applied to the skin. Simply apply it two or three times a few hours before stepping in front of a camera. I personally use it on my thighs or where cellulite likes to pop out!
  10. Sip on Wine.  Alcohol, especially red wine, has special digestive properties that increase vascularity when consumed prior to a competition or photo shoot. Specifically, the ethanol in drinking alcohol does not require digestive breakdown to be absorbed- it simply passes through the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream. Therefore, a cup of red wine thirty minutes to an hour before showtime will result in more noticeable and pronounced vascularity in most parts of the body. Basically, blood flow to major and minor muscle groups increases, causing the physique to appear fuller and causing veins to appear more pronounced. Maybe the wine will even help to relax you so that you pose more naturally!
No matter how you prepare for your big day, please remember it is what you do for those other days of the year that really and truly have an impact on your body. Are you following a consistent workout program? 

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