Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lazy Girl Couch Workouts

A lot of you ladies and mommies have absolutely enjoyed my lazy girl couch workout videos that can be done during commercial breaks.. or while stuck in a Netflix binge.

It's ok! We are human and it is true that when we are distracted, time flies by-same thing as when you are walking on the treadmill and reading a magazine and suddently, you look up to see 30 minutes has passed!

Here are a few of my favorite workout moves that can be done on any sturdy couch!

1. Couch Sit Ups

2. Couch Step-Ups

3. Couch Shoulder Push-Ups

4. Couch Mountain Climbers

5. Couch Incline Push Ups

6. Couch Knee Outs

7. Couch Tricep Dips

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