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13 Amazing Workouts For Perfect Butt and Hips

To attain perfect hips and butt, diets for fat loss alone will not be sufficient. You will also need to spare time for workouts that will help you tone the muscles of the butt and thighs, which later will make your lower body much firmer and in great shape. Hence, this time, HNBT will reveal to you some of the greatest workouts for perfect butt and hips that will help you attain them in no time.
Workouts For Perfect Butt and Hips
13 Great Workouts For Perfect Butt and Hips
 basic squats
1. Basic Squats
From perfect butt to firmer thighs, squats can do the magic for you. To do a basic squat, stand with your feet hip width apart and keep your back straight. Squat down to a 90-degree angle while maintaining a straight back. Try to push your butt back as far as you can and then stand back up. Do not bend your body when you squat. Do a set of three, each consisting 12 reps. Slowly increase the number of reps weekly.
squat and pulse
2. Squat, Hold and Pulse
This time, you will take the basic squats one step further. Stand with your feet hip width apart and squat down with your back straight. Again, do not let your body bend forward, and squat down to a 90-degree angle as you did for the basic squats. Stand back up, but this time stop halfway- don’t stand back up straight. Make tiny up and down movements. Do a set of 3, each consisting 12 reps.
squat and kick back
3. Squat and Kick Back
It’s time to take squats to a whole new level. For squat and kick, you need to position yourself as in basic squats. Keeping your back straight, squat to a 90-degre angle. While you stand back up, kick back your right leg, bend your knees and grab onto your shin with your right hand. Hold the pose for two seconds then squat and repeat with your left leg. Do a set of 3, each consisting of 15 reps.single leg squat

4. Single Leg Squat
Once you have mastered all types of squats(as listed above), you may proceed with the single leg squat. It is pretty challenging, thus you need to be consistent and patient. To begin with this one, you first need to stand up straight. Plant your right heel slightly in front of your left foot and keep your right leg straight. Slowly bend your left knee to squat keeping your back straight, and extend your right leg slowly as you squat (as shown in the image). Stand back up, and repeat this with the other leg. Do a set of 3, consisting reps of 10 for each side
basic bridge
5. Basic Bridge
Bridges are effective in strengthening and toning your butt, hips and thighs. To do a basic bridge, you need to lie on your back, place your arms by your side and bend your knees with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Then lift your but up, until your body comes into a straight line from the shoulder to the knees. While you lift your butt up, squeeze it for two seconds and let go as you bring it back to the ground. Do a set of 3, each consisting of 15 reps.
Hands-up Bridge
6. Hands-up Bridge ( Alteration )
If you have mastered the basic bridges, you can elevate its difficulty with the hands up bridge. Lie in the same position as in basic bridge, but this time with your hands up in the air. Slowly lift your butt off the ground, squeeze your muscles and lie back on ground. Do a set of 3, each consisting of 10 reps. You may increase the number of repetitions over time.
bridge leg up
7. Leg-lift Bridge
For this bridge exercise, you may rest your hands by your side. Instead, lift your left leg, keeping it as straight as possible. Alternatively switch legs each time you lift your butt off the ground. Do a set of 3, each consisting reps of 16.
standing abduction
8. Standing Abduction
Stand up straight sideways, and place your left hand on the wall for support. Slowly raise your right leg sideways, as high as possible without bending your knee. If possible, try to bring it to a 90-degree angle. Then squeeze your glutes for 2 seconds, and bring back your leg down. After a repetition of 10, switch sides, and do another 10. For this workout, you may start off with a set of 2 and increase it over time.
9. Lunges
Lunges are great workout for perfect butt and hips. It strengthens your lower body muscle overall including your calves. Stand up straight, holding your dumbbells down at your sides. Take one big step forward with your left leg, and then plant your foot firmly onto the ground. Slowly bend your both knees, your right knee should bend and touch the ground and your left knee should form a 90-degree angle( as shown in image). Stand back up and repeat it with the other leg. You may begin with a set of 2, each consisting 20 reps.
low lunge hover
10. Low Lunge Hover
Stand with feet width apart, step back your left foot (your heel raised, toes touching the ground) and bend your right knee ( your body lowers forward). Then bring your arms over your head, and hinge forward from the waist. As your arms reach forward, lower your chest forward and lift your left leg behind. Both legs should be as straight as possible. Hold this position for about three seconds, and then return to the initial position, and repeat it with the other leg. For this workout, you are advised to do a set of 3, each consisting 20 reps.
toe taps
11. Toe Taps
This is a simple workout that does miracles to your hips and butt. Simply lie on your back, bend both your knees and alternatively tap the toes of your both feet on the ground. Continue tapping alternatively for a minute or until your muscles is tired. Rest for a minute or two, and then tap again.
side stepping curtsey
12. Side Stepping Curtsey
Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Then clasp your hands behind your head. Cross your right leg (extended, not bent) behind your left, then get down on curtsey lunge with your right arm reaching out to touch the floor. Quickly stand up and repeat this on the other leg. Do a set of 3, 6 reps for each side. This is one of the best yet workouts for perfect butt.
single leg raises
13. Single Leg Front Raises
This is a pretty simple workout, though it brings incredible results when done accurately. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart like usual, but this time hold a pair of 5-pounds dumbbell in your hands. Then bend your right leg at knee and lift it about 3 inches off the floor. Bend your arms and lift it as shown in the image, and then raise your both arms above your head and hold it for 3 secs. Then bring it back to your chest level and raise again. Continue this for 10 reps, then switch leg and repeat. Do a set of 3.

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