Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lifting the Smoke & Mirrors on Instagram Fitness Selfies

In an image-obsessed world that we live in, social media is flooded with tons and tons of perfect bodies-especially when it comes to the ever-so-popular Instagram. But, are those bodies REALLY what they appear to be? Not so fast.
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Some of the bodies that you see are from 110% true hard work and dedication. But do these people go around and about their day with these finely chiseled abs and buldging arm veins? Not mostly.
See, when fitness selfies are taken, they aren't very candid as they may seem. Meaning, most of these people are flexing to the max to show their clearly defined muscles. Some even pooch out their butta bit  and suck in their waists giving you a quick, easy illusion.
Why? Because, why not?
What I don't want you to miscontrue is that this is how you are supposed to look like 24/7. Some might, but a vast majority of us just don't. It is very easy to manipulate your body into looking more flattering in photos.
It's easy to look at a photo of someone who's fit and think, "Wow, do they really look like that all the time?" Want the honest truth? Nope. Not even close. Try your best not to compare yourself to someone's "perfect selfie" because there is more that goes into it than you may realize.
How do fitness fanatics make the most out of their selfies?
  • Lighting (just the right amount of positioned light can really make those abs pop)
  • Posing (sticking your butt out, sucking in, putting that leg out, flexing your biceps)
  • Background (darker or multi patterned backgrounds are more slimming)
  • Props (holding a dumbbell while your arm is flexed can make it look a hella lot better)
  • Clothing (take off that tank top girl and put on a sports bra! can't see nothing in that!)
  • Filters (oh GOD. don't get me started)
  • Collages lLet's take the same fucking photo and paste it 2 more times..)
  • Photoshop (GASP... yes, there are apps to alter selfies now! tsk tsk...)

See my example here:
Not many of us are willing to post bad photos-admit it! We want to look our very best in our selfies. But please remember to not compare yourself to another.
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