Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Lose Weight Quickly for an Event

So you have a wedding or beach party or formal pictures that you have to do in a day or so. You want to look as best as you can and drop any unnecessary poundage. People also use this method as a detox or fast prior to starting a healthy eating diet.

 First of all, I dont believe in fast weightloss because its NEVER sticks-the weight comes back just as fast as you lose it, once you start eating normal again. Also, its sooo unhealthy and considerably dangerous if you do it for longer than 3 days. BUT if theres something you need to lose weight quick for, then here is what to do.

One or Two days before the event:

Drink water w/lemon and fruit juice-NO SOLID FOOD
Eat Soup. Soup with fragments such as veggie soup or chicken noodle is ok.
DONT workout. You will have no energy and you might faint. You might can do something light like crunches or brisk walking, but once you start feeling sick, STOP.
As soon as your event is over, go back to normal eating patterns, slowly.. If you start back eating like you were, you might experience some diarrhea.
There are these "Hollywood Miracle Juice Lose 10 lbs in One Day" blah blah garbage. You are just wasting your money. Dont buy that crap. Water with lemon will do the trick. Water is one of the best detoxes out there.

You should lose anywhere from 5-7lbs. It depends on your body weight already. Obviously if you are 5'6 and 115 lbs you might not lose much as compared to someone who is 5'2 and 150 lbs. People who weigh more lose pounds faster than a skinny person.


  1. Is it just with like a slice of lemon or squeeze a fresh lemon in it? Or them lemon and lime squeezables that u add to things when u cook? I am 22 years old about 5'4 and weigh about 200 and would like to lose weight fast. I don't look real big but I don't like it. I would like to be back down at 154 or so. But I was on the depo shot for birth control. Never again lol.

  2. Is it a slice of lemon or how is the lemon done for best results? And does it work if u do just water and water/ with lemon and eat the soups but also with green veggies? And also the fruit juicesjust any fruit juice?


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