Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Postpartum Fitness & Diet Plan

Transformation is a word I know all too well. After all, 3 years ago I managed to lose 45lbs through a healthy diet alone. 

Now, I am 4 months pregnant. And I am already working and planning my postpartum comeback. I am not sure how easy it will be, but I am super excited to try to get my pre-pregnancy body back! Here is my plan:

  • Stay healthy through pregnancy. So far so good, weight gain has only been one pound at 17 weeks. I am eating a well balanced diet and have my cheat day once a week. I am going to the gym 5 times a week now, focusing most on cardio-about 30 minutes exact. 
  • After baby, I plan on going on a 7 dayjuice cleanse! I have lost weight through juicing (you can read here: and am a huge fan! I have been juicing regularly through my pregnancy as a supplement with my breakfast in the morning.
  • I also plan on using my favorite diet pill-OxyElite Pro-from GNC to help boost my metabolism. Its the pill that helped me lose my 45lbs before.
  • I plan on working out at least 5-6 times a week. Focusing on cardio again for fat loss. Then when baby weight is off, I plan on doing weights. I also want to incorporate something I can do at home with baby, as like yoga or pilates. I just bought a jogging stroller so I do plan on jogging frequently!
  • I plan on eating 6 small meals a day-with protein at every meal. I will stay away from alcohol, white or refined carbs, sweets, and sodas. I will also not eat past 7pm. NO CHEAT DAYS!
I am giving myself 3 months to lose the weight! If I dont make that goal, I will give myself 6.
Im very excited to show my transformation and to share my tips! 
It is possible to get back into shape and get the body you love back.


  1. Hey, I read ur post on juicing, and I am really inspired to do a juice cleanse now!
    Could you please give me some info on how you did it, or how to do a week juice fast?
    Like how much juice a day, how often, do u need to count cals, etc
    Thanks so much!

    1. The first thing I did was watch a powerful documentary called Sick, Fat, & Nearly Dead. I also watched another one called Food Matters right after that, and I said "Thats it! I am going to Target and buying a juicer!" SO thats what I did. I started juicing daily, usually drinking a glass to drink with breakfast as a vitamin supplement. I was surprised at how much energy it gave me! I also do it here and there as a cleanse, but havent dont that since I have been pregnant because I am not trying to lose weight. I do count my calories but not in my juice because its hard too. I put so many things in there!

  2. Great, I will check out those documentaries!
    Thanks so much for the fast reply =)

  3. Are there any diet supplements that you find safe for breast feeding new moms?

  4. In my next eBook, I will discuss some great supplements that are safe for nursing moms! However, the best supplements out there are a multi-vitamin, fenugreek (to help with milk production, and whey protein. As a natural pre-workout supp, I always and have always just had a cup of coffee before my workout :)


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