Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Make a Gender Reveal Balloon Box Tutorial

If you are pregnant and have stumbled onto my blog-
If you are not pregnant yet, and are wanting a cute gender reveal idea-
You are still in the right place! 

For my gender reveal, I chose to do balloons in the box. I loved the idea after seeing many examples on Pinterest. It was fairly easy to do! Just dont do it on a rainy day, like I did (haha) though mine came out perfect!

Most balloons in a box gender reveals feature the couple "opening the box" and the balloons "fly out." 
Unfortunately with that idea, you only have a chance or two to get that perfect shot before the balloons fly far, far away.

I chose something a little more simple and easy. I tied my balloons to thread and taped them to the bottom of the box. 

Here's what you need:

1 large cardboard box
clear tape
balloons (6-10) of the color gender filled with helium
chalkboard spray paint ($3 at walmart)

All you have to do is spray paint the front, sides, and flaps of the box. I also sprayed around the tops so it would give the illusion that the whole box was black, but when really, the inside and back of the box was left unsprayed. (it took a whole can). Then I marked with chalk and wrote something cute "Its A..." and drew a heart. Write whatever your heart so desires! Then I wrapped each helium filled balloon with sewing string. (the thinner the better so itll give an iilusion that string isnt present if possible). Lastly, I taped each balloon to the bottom of the box-making some longer than others or shorter than others. 

Thats all folks!

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