Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Gender Reveal Photoshoot and Story.

If you have not heard, we are having a....




We are so excited we cannot stand it! We wanted a little boy more than anything to help carry on the Cooper name, since there are no little boy Coopers running around.

Our Gender Reveal Photoshoot Story
We decided on the balloons in a box and silly string style gender reveal shoot because its simple an cute, however my gender appointment was today and it was supposed to not only rain all week, but my husband works till 6:30 at night tonight and tomorrow, then I work at night on Wednesday-and there was NO way we could keep this a secret for THAT LONG.

So we ended up doing this shoot TWO days ago, before we knew-using both blue AND pink balloons. Then we would use whichever applies to the gender! It rained so bad that day that we ended up doing the photoshoot during a THUNDERSTORM! Lol, no kidding.

 Luckily, we had access to a beautiful location under a roof, outdoors. We first did the blue balloon shoot. It went PERFECT! Then the pink balloon shoot... the wind started blowing crazy and balloons were everywhere. I thought FOR SURE this is our sign that we are having a girl.

But as you can see!

We got our wish :)

Our Gender Reveal Story
We went to living images in fort walton beach-an amazing place that tells you the gender of your baby as early as 16 weeks-which today marks my 16th week of pregnancy!

The experience was incredible. Comfy seating, we got to bring a friend, big screen tv view, and we even got a DVD of our baby!

I laid down comfortably on a big cushioned table and we saw baby immediately!

 The sonographer counted 5 fingers on each hand.

We saw the large heart beating rapidly...

  then the sonograher started moving lower for the big reveal.

 Did not take more than a few seconds to clearly see Mini Cooper's boy parts!






I like balloons if you cant tell

And now for the silly string fight!!!!!!!
We had so much fun doing this!

Totally didnt mean to shoot him in the face. My silly string skills are a little off.

And again...

Pure happiness on his face :)

He was such a great sport!


One more of him..

Then it was my turn to get it!

He went easy on me! 

But I loved it lol

Just more from the silly string fight!

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  1. Love it! My hubby and I just found out we're having a boy too! And just like you I'm 16 weeks pregnant, we're so excited! I love your blog and the fact that I get to see your experience as I'm going through many of the same things! I'm really inspired to live healthier, even as my cravings rage on ;)


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