Thursday, August 15, 2013

How To Take a Maternity Silhouette With Your iPhone!

So I was browsing a tutorial earlier from Anne Marie Heasley for making a silhouette photo using your iPhone and I couldn't believe it so I decided to give it a try for myself! Lo and behold, it worked! However, i tweaked it a little bit- And it looked pretty darn awesome too. 

I fell in love with the Kelly Hicks photo and wanted to create a silhouette per week to track my bump! When I found this tutorial I was very excited! All it took was 5 minutes and 99 cents.

 First thing you need is to download an app called Afterlight. 

Have someone take your photo-stand in front of a window or door with light coming through. 

Be sure to wear darker clothing. 

When taking the photo, be sure to tell whoever is taking it to tap a corner of the phone and not directly on you: that way it'll help make you a little darker! 

Next take your basic photo and open it in the Afterlight app.

 I used the Raven filter to make it black and white and then I used the Dreamy filter to give it a warm tone. 

I increased the exposure to make it a little hazy and then I increased the contrast to darken my figure a little more. 

Then I tilted the photo! 

That's all :) 


Original Tutorial HERE

Kelly Hicks photo: HERE

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