Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Each week, or two weeks, or month-whatever your schedule is-we go grocery shopping. While this can be a fun thing, since we as humans LOVE to eat, it can also be stressful as grocery prices are on the rise. My husband and I grocery shop once a week and spend around $30 at MOST. $30 between two people? How do I do it? I will love to share!

My husband and I are also expecting our first baby. So you might ask, what if there's a baby involved. I choose to breast feed and homemake all of my baby's food-on top of cloth diapering, lots of DIYing, etc.

Here are some of my tips and where I like to shop.

First and foremost, if you have the money to splurge, I like to go to Publix and do their BOGO FREE deal each week. So I grab their ad and check it weekly. Whatever I may need that week, I buy it BOGO FREE and then I have a free one for the next week. Keep in mind that most places do offer specials like this and coupons. You must do your research.

Onto coupon clipping. Sounds like a pain in the butt, but it can save you hundreds. Here is a list of 173 manufacturers that will send you coupons if you just ask!

Buy fruits and veggies in season. Yesterday I bought FOUR mangoes for $2 at $.50 each. Go figure!
Choose meats wisely. When I shop at the commissary, there is a freezer where they freeze meat that has not been sold by the date on the sticker. Its perfectly fine! Just frozen :)

What I usually buy weekly:

12 Eggs: $1.50
Oats: $1.50

Whole wheat bread: $3
Peanut Butter $3
Jelly $2

Bag of frozen chicken breasts $7
Brown rice $2
Frozen broccoli, corn, or other veggies $.97 each

Fruits and veggies in season: Price Varies
Hummus: $3

It usually turns out roughly about $30 or so, and feeds 2! 
Grocery shopping on a budget is not rocket science, but it takes a lot of will power, and thought.

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