Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bump2Mum Fitness Interview: Ten Tips to Making Exercise a Part of Your Life!

Good morning guys!
I have a little treat for you this morning!
 I recently got in touch with Lucie over at Bump2mum Fitness regarding her best tips for making exercise a part of your prenatal-and normal-routine!
 Lucie is a fit mommy herself to two daughters and is a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She continued to exercise and eat healthy during both pregnancies, and even ran her first marathon 8 months after giving birth! Very inspiring to me!
She is also Fittamamma.com's fitness expert, one of my favorite newest pregnancy blogs.

Here are Lucie's tips to how you can get active and motivated to make fitness and health a part of your pregnancy life!

Try my ten tips to REALLY making exercise part of your life:

1.Walk, walk and walk some more! And I don’t mean shuffling along. Good long strides at a brisk pace to really get your blood flowing. Walk as often and as briskly as possible.

 2.Little and often. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of free time. If you have a spare 10 minutes do some exercise (cardio or weights). If you try and make this part of your lifestyle whenever you get the chance it will add up over the course of a week. Aim for around 3 hours a week. 

3.Do some resistance training. This means buy some cheap hand weights or a resistance band and use this equipment in your workout. This will help really sculpt your bod and more muscle means a faster metabolism. 

4.Have fun! Stick on some music and jump around your bedroom or dance around your baby. Find a workout DVD you really like and try to think of your exercise in a positive way. You’ll feel so proud of yourself afterwards! 

5.Make it easy for yourself. Have your workout gear and equipment all to hand, not tucked away in the back of a cupboard. That way you really can get active when you only have a little bit of time.

6.Work your abs every day –it will only take a few minutes. Do 50 ab pull ins a day (squeeze in your tummy tight, hold for a couple of seconds then release; you can do them anywhere!) and try and do 50 sit ups every day when you get up. Look at a twist board – I swore by 100 twists on mine a day to get my flat tum back as a new mum. 

7.Work your pelvic floors every day. You are a new mum. I don’t need to explain why! Try 50 squeezes every day. You can do these anywhere. 

8.Mix it up. If you don’t you’ll get bored. Try different DVDs, books and equipment at home. Get out and about and get some fresh air. If you are lucky enough to have some free time try the gym, swimming, jogging and classes and see what you like the most. This also means your body is always being challenged.

9.Make active choices every day. Walk (have I told you to walk?!), take the stairs, leave the car at home, do some gardening, housework or play games with your kids. You’ll burn loads of calories without even noticing!

10.Keep it up. This is the most important thing! It’s no good being active one week and not the next. Exercise and healthy choices need to be part of your life forever. This will help you look and feel great for yourself and your family.

For the perfect new mum exercise plan, check out the 3-Plan: Your complete pregnancy and postnatal exercise plan, available on amazon or the ibookstore, or my website at www.bump2mumfitness.com!

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