Monday, October 28, 2013

My Husband's Weightloss Transformation Journey

Goooood morning! I have a very special guest on my blog today: My own husband Grady! When we met, he was a little heavier than he wished to be for various reasons and stresses that life throws at us. With his willpower (and my cooking! ha!) he has lost almost 30lbs through clean eating alone. I could not be more proud of this man! He has shared his story below, along with before and after progress photos-though he isnt done yet with his transformation.


"My journey began a few years ago. I enlisted in the Air Force in the Summer of 2009. I had always been the skinny kid, eating all I wanted and not having to think twice. I was about 6ft and 195 lbs upon entering the Air Force, and I came out of Basic Training at 168 lbs due to the high impact of exercises and little time to eat during those 9 weeks. I was left cut and toned, and I was happy with it.

However, over the years, I have battled injuries and surgery as well as severe depression from a divorce 2 years ago. Today, I feel so much better and have found a woman who treats me better than I ever thought was possible.

I had my shoulder repaired in April due to a loose tendon. I was cleared  from doing any type of exercise for almost 6 months, besides physical therapy which primarily focused on my hurt shoulder. Physical therapy was painful and lasted for months on end. However, with the combination of healthy eating and exercise, and my wonderful wife, my weight went from 233 lbs to 205 lbs. I have also continued to grow 6'3.

I also have a food allergy to dairy that limits what foods I am able to intake which can be tricky. But it has actually been a good start to help me get back in shape. With Dairy foods it usually is high calorie/high fat content. I usually eat what my wife prepares, I know she takes care of herself and know she will take care of me as well. I work in nutrition and have a degree in nutrition as well now. I have the best wife to motivate and help keep me in check and even though we work many days opposite we encourage one another to succeed and stay in shape for ourselves and each other!

I love fruits and vegetables, as well as protein! My biggest thing to overcome was soda. It is rather amazing the amount of calories that you can save when you cut out soda!

Thanks everyone for your support for me and my family. I will post more progress photos now that I am officially cleared to work out! I am currently in the middle of my weightloss journey and where I want to be, and I plan on building muscle and getting cut in the future. I have finally been cleared of my profile and can now do any type of exercise that I want, since mu shoulder is fully healed. I plan on continuing my clean eating along with lifting weights.

Best of luck everyone!

Stay tuned as he continues with his weightloss journey, as he has been given the green light to finally start working out again!

April 2013-October 2013

 April 2013-October 2013

April 2013-October 2013

April 2013-October 2013

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