Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My 2 Cents on the "Fit Hot Mama" Controversy

I've had several readers ask me what my take was on the whole fit mama controversy. Here's what I think:

Obviously, as a fit expectant mother myself, I agree with what other fit moms are doing out there. That is what Diary of a Fit Mommy is all about!

 I believe in promoting well being and health to pregnant & postpartum women out there because let's face it-society teaches us that pregnant women should lie on a couch all day, feeding herself and her unborn baby with loads of calories, and how dare she lift weights or even think of a healthy diet! 

I myself have gotten criticism for going to the gym and lifting or running 5-6 days a week AND for eating a "clean diet." I don't pay any mind. Because what doctor has cleared me and I know my body.

I don't think is fair for fit moms to be judged or to be taken as "fat bashers." We aren't pointing fingers and saying that mothers who choose to not workout or eat healthy during pregnancy are terrible people. We do however point out that we choose NOT to make those choices but to instead incorporate a healthier means to handling with pregnancy weight or postpartum weight loss. We want to show you that pregnancy is not a disability unless you make it one. 

What Maria Kang, Lea-Ann Ellison, and countless others, including myself, are doing is starting a much needed resolution! Women-you do have control over your bodies! No matter what. Don't sit on the sidelines and give up on health and fitness-during pregnancy is when your babies need health the most. 

If you are unhappy with your body post-pregnancy- do something! It IS possible, it IS NOT selfish! Someone, somewhere who is busier than you is making changes while STILL taking care of their families at the SAME TIME!

What's your excuse?

Happy Wednesday!

Sia i

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