Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Vacation Recap

Hey guys, sooooo sorry I have been MIA the last week! I tried to blog a little here and there, but we had so much going on!

We traveled to Knoxville TN to celebrate our baby shower with our friends and family and we had a blast! Im back home in Florida today, desperately missing the mountains, but gearing up for our next vacation-a bed & breakfast stay in NOLA next month. We have booked a haunted B&B to stay in and we are so excited because this may be the LAST vacay we get to go on before Greyson makes his little appearance. 

Here are some photos from the trip!


  1. I just had to share this small world story with you. Today I had to figure out how to cook my first turkey that my boyfriend decided to buy. The recipe I found to use was from a link on your blog. After the turkey was made and carved I sat down and started scrolling through your blog (I also need to try the pumpkin pancakes!) I got down to older posts and read how you went on a vacation to TN. I saw the moonshine pictures and thought how strange it would be if we were there at the same time, because the dates matched up. Scrolling down the pictures I realized that you and your husband were the couple right next to us for the moonshine tasting with the overall wearing host! I hadn't realized it until seeing the moonshine posts and then seeing the pictures of you and your husband! It really is a small world and your blog is great! Have a good night! :)

    1. WHOA!!! YES! What a small world haha! I do remember you! That is crazy and awesome :) Hope you are doing well and enjoyed the moonshine tasting!

  2. Thanks, TN was great, my first time there! Good luck with baby!!!


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