Monday, October 7, 2013

My Birth Plan

With my sixth month of pregnancy approaching next week, I figured it is time to start thinking of a birth plan! 

Why have a birth plan?


Birth is such a beautiful experience and it should be the way YOU want it to be-down to the very last second. Also, there will be very important decisions you must make at the time labor begins so it is great to be prepared. In the event that an emergency happens, your birth plan is to likely go out the window, but hopeful that will never be the case. It's also very important to be aware of your choices available.

Here is mine! Eeeeek soooo excited!

  1. I am going to wait until labor happens naturally-no induction or rushing the baby. Unless medically necessary.
  2. No drugs. No pain meds. No epidural. Instead I would like to try natural alternatives such as meditation, stretching, and breathing techniques.
  3. No elective C-section unless its an emergency. I would like to deliver my baby vaginally. 
  4. I will be taking part in delayed cord clamping-aka-cutting the cord after it stops pulsating blood to the fetus. This helps prevent the possibility of anemia after birth.
  5. I would like to reach down and assist with the delivery if possible.
  6. I want skin to skin contact and to feed my baby immediately.
  7. I am considering waiting until I bring baby home for its first bath. I want to give him his first one.
  8. I will labor in positions I feel most comfortable. Laying down has proved to be the worst possible way to deliver a baby.
  9. I may refuse the vitamin K shot-still doing my research, luckily I still have 4 months to decide.
  10. Definitely doing the Hepatitis B vaccine.
  11. Have not decided on the eye drops yet either. Still researching.
  12. I am planning on breastfeeding my baby.
  13. He will be circumcised at the hospital.
  14. I do not want an IV.
  15. I would like to have a photographer available to capture photos.
  16. My husband will cut the cord 


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan! I've had 2 babies this way with great success and my only suggestion is to NOT make your plan all about a list of what you don't/do want, think about your end goal (healthy baby) and keep an open mind. I'm a nurse (you are too) so think about how your nurse/delivery team might approach your plan, they might think it sounds demanding. With both of my birth's I labored at home mostly and by the time we got to the hospital we really didn't need to give our birth plan to the nurse. Your care provider is the one who should know and agree with your plan the most :) Also I opted out of the Vit. K and eye drops, through my research it didn't sound necessary. I did have both my boys circumcised in hospital but if I had to go back I think I would wait a week or two to do it in the doctor's office. From further reading the longer you wait the better their blood levels are established. Good luck, I enjoy reading your journey!

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