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Why Pregnant Women SHOULD Worry About Their Weight

Congrats! You are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant. 
You are probably feeling very giddy inside with lots of butterflies, planning away, thinking of the nursery, choosing a name. But then the idea of putting on extra weight and your body changing comes up and smacks you in the face!
Now what?

First of all, DON'T PANIC! Its OKAY. I swear. If you are like a normal preggo, weight gain is of some concern to you. And it should be. 

Here's why.

Our society today holds pregnant women to a similar standard of a disabled individual. People offer to help us carry things or to open our doors. Work offers us less hours or even a chair to sit in while we do our jobs. They tell us to "be careful."

Also, today's idea of a pregnant woman is to:
  1. Lay down and nap frequently.
  2. Eat to your heart's content because you are not just feeding yourself anymore.
  3. Don't lift anything too heavy.
  4. Don't workout too hard.
Pretty lousy, ya think?

Since I have been pregnant, I have not felt the need for help or to slow down one bit just because society tells me to. I get criticized-sure I do. Do I care? No. I know my body is hard at work growing a little tiny person and I want to be the healthiest I can be for him so he can be the same way.

My husband teaches a prenatal health class and the amount of weight gained in the first trimester with some women actually frightens him! Women think that once you are pregnant, you should stop working out. No. 
Women also think that once you are pregnant, you should eat cake, cupcakes, burgers, fries, and pizza. No.
On occasion? Sure, why not!

I weigh myself once a week-some might call it crazy, I call it smart and knowing. I started off at 120lbs and today at 26 weeks almost, I am 129lbs. I totally believe that while you DON'T have control of your body while you're pregnant, you DO have some control. You will gain weight-its a matter of fact. But find a happy medium. Don't obsess, but stay healthy-mind, body, and soul.

Here is why you should worry about weight gain:
  • Feeling bad after baby is born. Low self esteem. Most women are so upset over how much weight they gained and with how their postpartum body looks. Well, I can tell ya that no body looks sexy postpartum walking out of a hospital. But the better you take care of yourself during pregnancy, the faster you will bounce back.
  • High blood pressure-BAD BAD for baby. Can lead to pre-eclampsia and premature birth.
  • Stretch marks. Excess along with rapid weight gain causes stretch marks. End of story. The best way to prevent them is to gain weight in a slow, steady manner. How? CONTROL YOURSELF.
  • Studies show that women who gain excess weight during pregnancy are linked to having children who are someday obese or having childhood diabetes.
  • Studies have shown that excess weight gain increases your chances of gestational diabetes which leads to a bigger baby being born premature or needing some type of intervention. 
  • Excess weight gain puts you at a risk for a C-Section, which makes recovery more difficult after birth.
  • Harsh on your knees and extremities, with the extra weight you are already carrying!
I could go on, but you get it.

So whats the healthy amount to gain?
Textbooks & doctors say 25lbs-35lbs.

Everyone is different and if you were slightly over weight before pregnancy, you will have to gain less than the recommended amount just as if you were underweight before getting pregnant, you must gain more.

Got it?

Happy pregnancy and good luck! Try not to worry so much about how you look or the weight you gain, but stay healthy, fit, and happy.

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  1. When I was pregnant I only gained about 28 pounds. I started out at 118 (do the math). That was scary for me, as it was a number I NEVER saw on the scale. I did not own a scale at home. I only knew what my weight was when I had a doctor appointment. I ate when I was hungry and chose to eat healthy foods if the option was available (minus the food aversions I had!) I did not have the energy to do exercise, but tried to walk as much as possible. Yoga put me right into bed! A little TOO relaxing. I was about 6-7 months when I went out to eat with my Dad at a sports bar. The bartender, female, said she gained 100 pounds with her first and over 100 with her second. ONE. HUNDRED. POUNDS!! I couldn't imagine. I just couldn't picture that on my body. Nor did I understand HOW you get to that point. There's a small window of being very hungry while pregnant; the morning sickness subsides and there's a 4-6 week period of feeling like Cookie Monster. Then the baby really starts to take up all of your room so you can't eat as much. I was floored (!!) when she said she gained 100 pounds. I feel bad for pregnant women who gain an excessive amount of weight. That doesn't have to be your fate and have a little more self respect...if not for you, then at least for your baby!


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