Friday, August 1, 2014

7 Best Tried & True Teething Remedies

My son got his first two teeth within two weeks of each other. I have always heard about the dreading teething stage but... Boy oh BOY was it ever fun??? (hint of sarcasm there)

Fevers.. sleepless nights.. and fits-OH MY! BUT, looking on the bright side, we made it through just fine.

Here are my favorite tried and true methods to teething that I have personally tried myself with great success!

  1. Gum massage: This was so helpful even though it hurt him. Well, he actually acted like it hurt-in a good way. Massaging the gums actually does help the teeth break through the skin.
  2. Ice, Ice Baby: I let him start chewing on ice in his mesh feeder and he seemed to really enjoy it! I know it must have helped numb the gums some.
  3. Frozen Wet Rags: This was a lifesaver! I would wet one of his baby sized washcloths and freeze them in a ziplock baggy. I would let him teeth as it thawed. Then I would refreeze it and repeat!
  4. Sophie the Giraffe: Yup, she works. You can read all about her here.
  5. Amber teething necklaces: We love ours! Even if it doesn't work, it is mighty cute!
  6. Teething biscuits: We love Ella's Kitchen! It is 100% organic! I sometimes find myself snacking on them.. but don't tell Grey!
  7. Homeopathic Oragel: I am not sure if you have heard the recent news, but there are some babies who have passed away from Oragel due to its numbing aids-this makes it difficult for the baby to feel the insides of their mouth so they sometimes choke. I use the homepathic version which has no numbing agent-just good ole natural stuff.

When all else fails, there's always wine :)

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