Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The One Bearded Hat That You Will Need This Winter!


I have something pretty fun to share with you all from a sweet company called Beard Head

The Beard Head was first conceived on the snowy mountaintops of Lake Tahoe on a ski trip in 2006.  In 2007, Beard Head, Inc. was born!  
Beard Head knit beard caps combine the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the amazing styling of having a massive beard and moustache growing on your face! What person could pass up the incredible opportunity to sport his or her very own beard! We know we couldn't!  They are perfect for skiers, snowboarders, sports fans and people who enjoy all types of outdoor activities!

The unique design of the Beard Head allows your entire face to remain warm, even in the harshest weather. Your chin, cheeks and upper lips will thank you as the Beard Head keeps them toasty warm!

My husband was sent the Barbarian-Knight beardhead to test. He absolutely loved it, being the quirky guy that he is! The beard was adjustable and detachable and one size fits all usually. 

My husband definitely was my barbarian knight in shining armor! If your husband is a huge Duck Dynasty fan, well, they have a whole line of those! And lots more.

My son was sent the Kid-Gromm Head and boy, oh boy, did my husband and I laugh for a straight hour after putting the hat on Greyson! Not only is it hilarious-it is so stinkin cute. It is a REAL beanie guys. The beard detaches as well! This little hat will keep your precious babe warm during the cold winter months. After all, that's the main function of the beard-besides uncontrollable laughter and lots of fun, compliments, and stares out in public!

My husband and son love wearing their beard heads out in public and we are constantly getting stopped by random people asking where they can get one, too! It is quite a hit, but as a mother, I am so glad that there's also an actual purpose to the beard.

And just in case you are wondering as I am sure you already are-women can wear beardheads too! Beard Head also offers mustache add-ons and beard shirts!

And if you are a sports fanatic, they have a tailgate series of beardheads too!

Beard Heads are an absolutely great gift for your husband, your child, the whole family, or even for yourself!

Now here is your chance to win your very own Kid-Gromm Head and we will be selecting THREE winners! YAY! Enter below for a chance to win:

Also, if you like their Facebook page, you will get 10% off!!

To follow Beard Heads, visit their Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter pages!

Disclaimer: I was given Beard Heads to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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