Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scabib All-In-One Scarf+Bib Review

Hi mamas!

Do you have a teething or super drooly baby on your hands? I have something very trendy and cute for them!

It is called a Scabib. Its a scarf. No, wait-it's a bib! Actually.... it is BOTH :)

I bet you are wondering how the idea for the first Scabib came about. The owner, Trish, puts it into her own words:

"Inspired by my 6 month old son/model who was teething and drooling like crazy and is always wearing bib. HIs ugly wet bibs were all I noticed and ruined every nice outfit he wore. I wanted to make him something much cooler.
I came up with a design fashioned after the flowy scarf trend, but with practical bib usage. I named it "Scabib" ™ - scarf + bib.
Super stylish handmade baby bib/scarf that looks so much better than your typical bib.
It's great for babies that are teething and need to wear a bib 24/7. Also just great as a quick scarf and accessory for older kids to throw on.
Your child will look chic, trendy and modern in a a snap while teething, drooling or just whenever! Breathable fabric that is great during cold or warm weather. Easily wraps around child's neck and quickly attaches with velco. Could also be worn many ways as a scarf or bandana look."

My son, Grey, and I had the chance to review the Black/White Checks Scabib. I chose this pattern as a gender neutral-just in case we happen to have a girl in the future. Yep, I am a total recycler. Hey! Don't laugh!

This bib was so much cuter than any other typical bib you are to find, because, well, it looks like a scarf! You cannot get much cuter than this. 

It is currently only $12 by the way!! Just wanted to point that out.

Grey loved chewing on the scarf-I guess it made his two new little teethies feel better. The inside of the scarf is a terry cloth like material that absorbs his spit and drool. Freaking-awesome-thank-GOD!

This pattern happens to go with all of his outfits because it is black and white, though Scabib offers a ton of different patterns. They even have a new camo print! YES they have girly ones too.

I know you are wanting specific details. Let me tell you that:

Great for teething and for babies that need to wear a bib 24/7.
Each scabib is 17" wide x 8" long with a fast and easy velcro closure.
Equal to 3 standard bibs. Same surface area as 3 bibs!
Lined with breathable 100% Cotton terry cloth to absorb moisture and is great during the cold or warm weather.
Easily wraps around child's neck and quickly attaches with velcro.
Recommended for 3 months & up.
Great as a quick scarf and accessory for older kids to throw on.
Please measure if 17 inches is sufficient to fit around child's neck and if 8 inches is long enough.
One size fits all.
Proudly made in the USA.

Grey really didn't notice the scarf too much and didn't try to yank it off. It fit comfortable around his little neck.

Oh, and if you are a fan of Zulily, you need to go favorite Scabib because they are on there pretty darn often! YOU ARE WELCOME.

We loved our black & white checked Scabib so much that we bought more! Including this adorable grey and white chevron Scabib!

Overall, we were so impressed with this handy dandy little invention. It is so amazing that a child can really inspire you to create! I love this product and I am so happy that cute things for boys truly exist nowadays!

To get your own Scabib or to follow them for news & updates, be sure to visit their:

Disclaimer: I was given a Scabib to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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