Monday, August 4, 2014

We Can Normalize Breastfeeding!

Dear mamas,

It is time to stop the harassment & discrimination.

Though breastfeeding is widely accepted as the healthiest option for baby, we've heard time and time (and time and time and time) again about moms who have been shamed for nursing in public. 

It truly saddens me to see that the world STILL has such an issue with THIS yet we praise celebrities on their sexiest outfits or nonchalantly look past the girl in the thong bikini at the beach or even make a quick trip for a family dinner at Hooters (though hubby or dad probably just says he wants to go for the wings, right?)

Breastfeeding in public is considered gross, rude, obnoxious, and inappropriate. People claim that the female body is a beautiful thing.. until you place a baby on it to feed for survival. Yes, it is a beautiful thing, but how does a beautiful, tiny human life make it "gross" or offensive?

I never gave much thought to the controversy-until I became a mother. I realized how hard & inconvenient it was to hide to go feed my baby. To have to feed him in a bathroom stall at a restaurant. Or to go sit in my car to feed him. Or have to wait until I can get someplace private in order to feed him while he is screaming in hunger. Or to have to cover myself in blankets in hopes that nobody will become offended with me. I have to go out of MY way as a mother trying to feed her child. Why should I be inconvenienced over something that offends YOU? 

If you do not want to use a cover, you shouldn't have to. (Personally, my son will NOT eat if his face is covered) You may even suggest a cover to THEM so they can cover their eyes! 

If you do not want to pump or give a bottle DON'T! It is your body, your baby, but most of all your RIGHT to do what God intended you to do.

So ladies, don't be worried any longer. Feed your babies with pride and justice. After all, THEY deserve to feel accepted and it all starts with YOU, momma!

**Anyone can post a girl in a bikini and get hundreds of likes & shares, but how many of you are willing to like or share this post?**

Love ALL you mommas! Keep rockin' on.

Sia Cooper

*A special thank you to my personal friend & photoshop genius Gabby Orcutt and also to my husband Grady who both helped to make this photo possible:

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