Saturday, August 2, 2014

Breastfeeding IS Beautiful

Im no stranger to sharing breastfeeding photos. I love breastfeeding my son-it is literally one of the sweetest moments I could ever endure with him. I love the fact that Facebook has finally allowed breastfeeding pictures. Because for the longest time, half naked pictures of women posing in a provocative or suggestive manner has been accepted instead. Its amazing to think how boobs are totally okay.. until you put a baby on it-then everyone loses their minds and goes ape-shit crazy! I have had comments along the lines of "this doesn't need to be on FB" or "this should be a private thing."

Um, says WHO?

A few weeks after my son was born, my husband and I went to eat out at a restaurant. My son started crying and because of all the stares, I went to go feed him in the bathroom stall. 

It was:
1.) Uncomfortable
2.) Unsanitary
3.) Degrading
4.) Lonely

And during that whole time, (since I was in there for 15 minutes or so), I had people trying to get in-knocking furiously, etc. I almost lost my mind and I cried and cried over it. I looked down at my newborn son and I decided: NEVER AGAIN. Breastfeeding is NOT a shameful act. It's mothering at its finest.

And never have I ever 


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